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Administration does NOT want single payer

REP. DENNIS KUCINICH: Well, my amendment passed in the Education and Labor Committee, and it would have protected the right of states to pursue single payer by granting states a waiver from what is known as the Employment Retirement Income Security Act, which is currently being used in court by the insurance company to attack single-payer initiatives. My amendment passed the committee. It was taken out of the bill at the behest of the administration.

This was from an interview Kucinich gave to DemocracyNow.

The so-called “health care” bill is really a huge welfare program for the Insurance Industry. Although 75% of the American voters want a single payer option — the “Administration” is saying NO! way.

Will this bill be an improvement over the nightmare Insurance we now must deal with– NO! Will this bill lower our health insurance payments — NO! Will this bill somehow contain the unrestrained geometric increases in health care costs in America — NO! Health care costs are increasing faster than wages and there is no way the most wage earning Americans can pay the projected astronomical increases in our payments to cover the corporate jets etc. for the Insurance company CEOs.

In California from 25-27% of ALL health insurance claims are routinely denied. If we look at this mess from the doctor’s perspective — they must hire additional staff to comply with all the differing rules of each different insurance company.

Then we have the Obot kool-aide drinkers who are telling us that this bill is better than nothing — oh and we must do this to make Obama a “winner” again.

WELL what about the will of the people? We want single payer — public option and we want the Health Insurance companies made to follow the existing laws.

PUMAs knew that Obama never had a Health Care Plan for America of his own. We expect him to walk away from this mess claiming no responsibility for the chaotic mess.


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