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Blogs discussing Stupid Stupak

There are a whole lot of blog owners who understand the deep ramifications of the Stupak Amendment to Nancy back-stabbing Pelosie’s mess Health care bill (also known as the FUCK YOU ACT).

Not in any particular order (more will be added — this is a work in progress):

Shakesville, Stupak Starts Making Threats.

The Confluence — several threads and discussions about Stupid Stupak.

The Reclusive Leftist — several threads by Violet Socks.

PUMA pac with Murphy —

More to be added to this evolving list of blogs trying to explain what the “problem” is with Nancy back stabbing Pelosi’s mess Health Care bill.

And for the blogger boyz who are trying to shut us up — Go straight to hell.

Uppity Woman — reminder folks — Do NOT pissed Uppity Woman off — EVER.

To NARAL, NOW, Ms Magazine, Emily’s List, all Clairol Girls who ignored The Signs, How ya doin’?

Here’s soon to be classic Uppity Woman’s rant in a thread further down on her blog:

Here’s Senator Shithead Kyl, telling everyone he doesn’t want obstetrics covered in health care reform policies because he is never going to need it and shouldn’t have to pay for it. And here’s Senator Stabenow, who is smarter and faster (and definitely better preserved!)  than he is — reminding him that his MOTHER needed it.

Senator Shithead Kyl — Senator Shithead Kyl. Uppity has included a photo of Senator Shithead Kyl on her blog so we know what this specific enemy of women looks like.

Let me tell you something, Senator Shithead. I don’t want to pay for your god damned prostate exams and problems either. And I don’t want to pay for your Viagra so you can pretend you are good in bed, you decrepit old fart.

I don’t want to pay for your freaking testosterone patches because you are getting old and ran out of the old hormone and are turning into a girl. And I don’t want to pay for anything that has anything to do with your dick or your balls. How’s that, Senator Shithead?  And I bet you wave a Pro Life flag, don’t you, Senator Shithead? Oh yeah, for sure you do, you ignorant bastard.

WE are pissed — do you dumb jerk males understand this? The Democrat Party declared WAR on Women on 7 November 2009. The Democrats told us that we HAD to vote for THEIR penis — who’s ONLY qualification to BE President over a well qualified and EXPERIENCED woman was that he — the guy had one of those things that allows him to pee standing up. Oh and a whole lot of men use that thing as a weapon to rape. A majority of men do NOT rape — but there are enough of the bad penises that it is often hard to tell the good guys from the bad guys, especially when we women are all by ourselves.


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