RNC health insurance plan covers abortion

RNC Insurance Plan Covers Abortion is the lead headline at http://www.memeorandum.com/


The link leads to an article published Politico.com by Meredith Shiner and Jonathan Allen.

Since this has become public the RNC (Republican National Committee) says that they are looking into making “changes”. They claim that this policy has been in force since 1991 and now in this modern era of turning women into walking uteri — the MCP now at the head of the RNC is going to make sure women wear the shrouds to make all women look alike.

Stupak = Stupid asshole MCP is making threats — this little wimp feels so powerful because HE has one of them there penises. Oh wow — shall we fall down and worship the penis is this country — oh WAIT that has already happened — in the election of the most unqualified candidate EVER but HE has the necessary Penis.

Stupak for anyone who has been out of touch and with the news — is a CongressMAN from some place who managed to insert an anti abortion for EVERY WOMAN who has health insurance,  amendment into Nancy Pelosi (D from SF, CA) Health Care Bill. Gender Traitor, Back Alley Nancy allowed that amendmend to be voted on — and since she is such a control freak –we must assume that she wanted in “her” health care mess bill.

This “fuss” for you who still do not understand what the fuss is about, is NOT about abortion.  This is about women controlling their OWN bodies and women demanding full human rights. When a bunch of religious fanatics can control women’s bodies — as was done by Nancy back Street Alley Pelosi’s approval of this amendment — women have no rights.

Get this you MCP jerks and religious nut jobs — women do not like abortion. Getting an abortion is NOT like going to the beauty parlor — it is demeaning, and down right nasty. BUT giving birth is much more dangerous to women — especially in the USA. Maternal mortality statistics are not that good in the USA compared to other developed 1st World Countries. It is also a woman’s choice to GIVE birth, if that is HER choice. To the idiot boyz bloggers who screamed their lungs out about Governor Palin’s choice to give birth to a child with Downs Syndrom — that is HER choice to make. So STFU.

Let me tell you a story told to me by a retired doctor who witnessed the horrors of back alley abortions and religious nut extremists.

The country was one in Central America. The doctor was working in the emergency room and was called in on a case of  botch abortion. The woman was dying but she had a chance of survival IF she could have a blood transfusion. Her husband and FATHER refused to permit the transfusion because it was against their damned religion. So she died leaving several small children without a mother and two MCP to raise them.  That happened several decades ago, but when my doctor friend told me the story her anger at losing that patient needlessly was still fresh.

Emergency rooms will be seeing desperate women who will try anything to get rid of an unwanted pregnancy. Women with money won’t have any problems finding a safe place for an abortion. But poor women or young girls will be caught in this sadistic web created by authoritarian religious nuts.

What is worse than blocking abortion is that these same religious nuts want to ban birth control!!

Let us all now worship the sacred Penis and the seed of the penis — the Sperm.

Thankfully not all males are as crazy and irrational as Stupid Stupak. But the voters who put this corrupt SOB on the job are as crazy as he is.

The stupid CongressMEN who voted for Nancy Back Street Alley Pelosi’s “health care” bill need to be voted OUT in the upcoming Congressional elections next year.

Check out both the Reclusive Leftist and The Confluence for articles on:

Martha Coakley for President

Martha Coakley is a Shoo-In for the Massachusetts Senate Nomination!!

So far the boyz blogs don’t have a clue they are too busy scolding women for being pissed off about Stupid Stupak and his attempt to merge HIS personal brand of religion as the government brand of religion.

Separation of Church and State is something that my ancerstors fough for and why they come to the New World (a.k.a. The British Colonies in America).







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