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Why are some men so stupid?

Stupid men would be the “liberal” men who are actively pimping for the “health” insurance welfare bill. The Daily Howler’s Bob Somerby is working hard to help pass the “Men’s Health Care” bill. The short summary of Bobby’s essays — come on wimmens* lighten up — what is so important about abortion anyway. According to Bobby and the rest of the progressiver blogging boyz at least Nancy backstabbing Pelosi’s Health care mess bill will help a few people get some sort of half arsed health care. But the wimmen are going to spoil this ground breaking legislation for 0bama.

Somerby whines that he doesn’t really know how Stupak’s ammendment is going change the mighty and masterful Health care Reform bill — because Somerby hasn’t bothered to read the bill not consult with the bright and brilliant WOMEN who HAVE read the whole POS bill.

In today’s installment (13 November) Somerby is trying to convince his readers that stupid Stupak is not the “other”. After pontificating on how we all need to get along and “respect” the views of others.

That is not the problem Bobby. The problem is that Stupak and his cult of religious nuts want to do what ALL religious fundamentalists want to do — THEY are intent on controlling women and that means they are indeed the “other”. The problem with the extreme fundamentalists is that they demand to force their religious beliefs on others.

Listen up boys especially those of you who feel the need to defend Stupid Stupak. The fact is that Stupak is the enemy, he is the other, because he is trying to force his religious dogma on WOMEN. He sees abortion and women as something that men must control — because he is like ALL religious fundamentalist — a misogynistic authoritarian terrorist. These groups have been waging hate crimes against women, these groups condone the fire bombing of women’s health clinics (which may or may NOT be providing abortion services or counseling). What Stupak did was insert religious dogma in a health care legislation. THIS is wrong and THIS is where I draw my line in the sand. Keep religion the hell out of the government. Bobby Somerby doesn’t get it and most of the boyz bloggers do not get it.

Somerby is taking Olbermann to task in his latest essay — fine Olberman is a POS misogynistic creep. But sometimes even POS Olbermann might have a point. Stupid Stupak is not a democrat — Stupak belongs to a relgious cult that aims to control the Government (and women).

The religious right extremists took over the Washington State Republican party in the 1980s. These were NOT Republicans religious ding-bats who took over the Republican party these were right wing religious extremists who were looking for a party to take over and they decided that the Democrat party was not possible so they took over the Republican party. They then kicked out or forced out  all the moderate and liberal Republicans. It was a blood bath and the faithful hard working GOP loyalist were left bleeding in the dust. Many of these Republicans turned to the Democratic party. It was easy for the religious hard liners to take over the Republican Party because of the caucus system in Washington State. All the religious fanatics had to do was organize and hold caucuses in enough districts during an off year (non presidential primary year) and they elect their own inner circle to the leadership of the State Republican party.

Now apparently the religious right wing are not satisfied that they control the Republicans, they are also attempting to take over the Democrat party. Somerby appears to be too willing to defend Stupid Stupak. There are enemies that have infiltrated the pathetic Democrat party and Stupak is an enemy of democracy.

One of the strengths of America was religious tolerance and the opposition to the establishment of a State Church. Bush started to break down the wall of separation between the Church and State and 0bama appears to be following his brother’s lead.

The real real real problem with the POS Health care mess that Nancy back stabbing Pelosie has sent to the Senate is that there is no Single Payer, no Universal Health care. This bill is merely corporate welfare for the Insurance Companies. Women will end up paying for most of their “well visits” out of their own pocket — because apparently the males in Congress believe that being female is a “medical” condition which means women will pay more for this “new” super duper health care insurance reform.

This bill is NOT religion neutral — and the religious views of an extreme minority are being forced on the majority (women).


* wimmens = condesending way “Progressive” males speak about women — don’t worry your tiny minds about _______ we big strong he-men will protect you wimmens.


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