War declared on women one week ago

The democrats declared War on women one week ago. Thanks to the skill and cunning of Speaker of the House Nancy back stabbing pelousy the religious right have a chance of taking custody of women’s bodies. Since the far right religious dogmatic by the name of Stupak inserted his amendment effectively outlawing abortions funded by Insurance companies. Mr. nitwit Stupak put in the phony “rape” exception — but since only 6% of the rapist get conviction (rape must be the NATIONAL sport in America??) — that means basically only very wealthy women will have access to safe abortions.

Let me restate my objection to this Stupak amendment to the “health care” support bill for the insurance companies.  Women have the right to privacy and the right to control THEIR OWN BODIES. Women should not be forced to ask for permission from a government appointed panel of penises (or female penis worshipers) for a medical procedure which may or may not include an abortion. Religious nuts are forcing their specific brand of misogynistic dogma on women.

IF these wing nut religious nuts can take ownership of women’s uteri — then they can most certainly dictate all forms of health care and for women they are hell-bent on removing women’s birth control.

The Stupid Stupak amendment is a violation of the Constitution — that little thing about the Separation of Church and State. The minority — in this case the male religious nuts whose sole goal in their religion appears to be the complete domination and subjugation of women* — want to dictate what women can and cannot do with their bodies. Perhaps the US version of the Taliban will decide that US women cannot be involved in sports — like their fundamentalist counterparts in several Islamic Countries.

For a much more in-depth discussion of Stupid Stupak see:

Same stupak, different day

My mind is not boggled that the health care “reform” bill passed the House only because it contains an amendment (the aforementioned Stupak amendment) that would make it illegal for private insurance companies to offer abortion coverage, even when women pay for it out-of-pocket, if those women are also receiving federal insurance dough. It isn’t the least bit surprising that 64 Democrats voted for the bill [view the lip-curling list of politicians who hate you], and that 12 of those were women. It’s scarcely a blip on the Patri-O-Meter that Nancy Collaborator Pelosi was described by HuffPo last week as “triumphant,” and that Barack Godbag Apologist Obama looks forward to signing the bill into law.


This Stupak amendment didn’t happen under a McCain presidency, and it didn’t happen in a Republican controlled House of Representatives — it happened with a Dem controlled House, and the amendment was by a Dem male chauvinist pig and allowed by Nancy back stabbing Pelosi another Dem. And the Chief male chauvinist living in the White House will be more than pleased to sign this piece of crap bill — if the US Senate passes their own version of the Stupid Stupak crap. The Senate is also controlled by the Dems with that Mormon MCP Harry as the helm.

So do NOT tell me that the Democrats are NOT at war with women. More women died from botch abortions during the Vietnam war then MEN died in battle. So I guess what has happened is that the Dems just renewed their old, long-standing war on women.



* I know for a fact that the right-wing, religous fundamentalist, evangelical males do want complete and total control over women. I was raised in one of these cult/sects and I listened to hundreds of hours of sermons by MALES about their opinions of what women can and cannot do. Women are strictly controlled by the males — we grow up hearing that the male (father) is the head and we owe him strict obedience. Women are to be silent. Ironically women are the most devote religiously of the two genders — my explanation is that women have been conned into believing that they will get their reward in “heaven” (meaning after we DIE) if they behave themselves and obey men/Jesus/God.

Women and religiosity will be a topic that I shall cover at some point on this blog. Religiosity was the theme of my research in my Experimental Psychology class ages ago.


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