Use your vote wisely next year-2010

The comments below are from The Confluence (TC) responding to the economic post by dakinikat, the resident Economics Professor at TC. Why not just call it Wall Street’s Petty Cash Fund? That would be the US Treasury of the United States, that Treasury is funded by US Tax Payers. More TARP money could be poured into the Wall Street firms etc. Meanwhile people are losing their homes and the Commercial Real estate market is going downhill fast. People are out of work and trying to hang on to their homes. At this point they can not even think about “saving” for their retirement. And many companies no longer offering pension plans for their new employees and haven’t for years.

Then the news is not good on seeing any job recovery any time soon. The real unemployment is about 17.5%. The logical assumption is that what this country needs is a massive jobs program to put the unemployed back to work. This would take someone with imagination and a will to make government work FOR THE PEOPLE — and there are so very few of this sort of congressperson in Washington. There is a whole lot of evidence that the Lobbyist for major corporate interests are writing legislation for the poor overworked congress critters — when the congress critters seem to be speaking with one voice — they probably are. (They are speaking the words drafted by the Lobbyists.)

northwestrain, on November 16th, 2009 at 8:56 pm Said:

I was just reading a non political blog — an artists sharing website — about one woman’s search for a job. She’s tried everything — she has applications everywhere — she cleans houses when she can find the jobs. Others suggested additional places she can try — but she already has applications at all the fast food places etc. She had a young child and is sharing a house with others to cut down on expenses. Her story is really typical –and what people need are jobs — many are willing to do anything to earn some money.

With this depression it seems that the middle class have been really hard hit — I know that a lot of the technology firms took major hits in the Seattle area and they still haven’t recovered. (Thanks to off-shoring computer related jobs).

By next year any of the 0bot/failbot congress critters & state level elected jobs — will see a major revolt. I have NEVER seen this much anger — people feel betrayed and the only weapon they have is their vote.

There is massive anger growing out there. And I don’t think the politicians are prepared for it, because it’s now mostly silent (except for the tea-party type people.) People are not calling or writing their politicians anymore, not vocalizing their discontent.

Sometimes that’s the most dangerous sort of anger. Like in a bad mariage, when you stop complaining, stop arguing, stop fighting, stop pleading. The other person may THINK it’s because you became resigned, or things are better – when in reality it’s just that you decided to stop wasting your breath and are making plans to clean out the bank accounts and WALK on that fucker.

I think the incumbents in both parties are feeling a false sense of security right now. Everyone I talk to, even non-politcal types, is thoroughly disgusted and not even bothering to make calls anymore. But they are planning to shake some shit up next November.

So what is it going to be “change” or maintaining the Status quo? My guess is that a lot of voters will be selecting “change”.



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