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Bobby Somerby is a sexist pig

Bobby Somerby is a sexist pig. That is all.

Well no –not quite all.

Stupak and his ilk are patriarchal males who want to control women’s bodies. This “debate” isn’t about a debating contest — this is an issue of women’s control of their own bodies. Period. This is what Bobby Somerby does NOT understand.

Bobby if YOU do not want an abortion — do NOT get an abortion. WE will not force you to have an abortion. It is your choice. But I do believe you should stop taking Viagra. Although that is none of my business. (hell I don’t know and don’t care if Bobby does or doesn’t take Viagra. Perhaps he can’t get it up or perhaps he performs like a young stud of 18. I don’t know and I don’t care — yeck.) Or perhaps we women should start demanding to know about the private business of all men who defend and promote Stupid Stupak’s religious dogmatic views about women. How many sexual partners have these dogmatic religious fanatics had. How do the women (or men) rank these sexist pigs’ performances? (double yeck)

This whole argument isn’t even about abortion — it is about women’s right to control their bodies — to make personal and private decisions. It is about women’s choice — and so many males can not accept that women are sick and tired of having our bodies turned into political debating societies of a bunch of males discussing something that they know nothing about because they are NOT female.

Meanwhile the folks who discovered Women’s Viagra tell us it won’t help women do a better job of cleaning the house. So be assured that Women’s Viagra won’t be part of the MEN’S health Care now winding it’s way through the pay to play American political process.


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