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NEW study on effect of Stupak – Somerby READ IT

All you need to do Bobby Somerby (Daily Howler blog)  is Google this phrase:

GWU School Of Public Health’s Study Into The Effects Of The Stupak Amendment

You know how to copy and paste the above phrase into the google search engine — right??

Talking Points Memo (the Obowma creeps live here) has this document on their website so hold your breath and read the whole thing.

In other words, though the immediate impact of the Stupak amendment will be limited to the millions of women initially insured through a new insurance exchange, over time, as the exchanges grow, the insurance industry will scale down their abortion coverage options until they offer none at all.

…Furthermore the study finds that the supposed fallback option for impacted women–a “rider” policy that provides supplemental coverage for abortions only–may not even be allowed under the terms of the law. “In our view, the terms and impact of the Amendment will work to defeat the development of a supplemental coverage market for medically indicated abortions. In any supplemental coverage arrangement, it is essential that the supplemental coverage be administered in conjunction with basic coverage. This intertwined administration approach is barred under Stupak/Pitts because of the prohibition against financial comingling.”

Bottom line is that women are headed back to the 19th century thanks to Obawma and his female and media enablers.

This crap is happening under the damned Dems — the coat hanger Dems and a back stabbing female — Nancy Pelosi. NEVER forget and NEVER forgive.

Fire the whole bunch in Congress and start with a fresh batch who perhaps aren’t yet beholding to the corporate lobbyists (especially the Health Insurance lobbyists who have infested Congress like fleas.)

note: post edited because somehow my editorial comment got stuck in the block quote above.


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