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Palin Derangement Syndrome

Palin derangement Syndrome — when the leftists go as batshit crazy as the right-winger extremists.

Last year we watched seemingly sane people go absolutely batshit crazy at the mere mention of Senator Clinton’s name. I observed the Obowma cultists engaging in misogynistic hate speech at the presidential caucus meeting in my precinct. I watched young men get up to speak on behalf of their messiah, Obama and they shook with rage when they were speaking about Senator Clinton. Not a single pro Obama speaker could tell us what Obama would do if elected (still waiting for that answer) all they could do is chant memorized anti-Clinton speeches. She was owned by the corporations etc. It turns out that everything that these Obama cultists claimed they hated about Senator Clinton — turns out to be turn about Obama.

Then Clinton was out of the race (although she had the MOST votes — but she didn’t have a penis)  and the cultists were over joyed — HE had won. But Senator McCain had a surprise for the Obot fanatics — Sarah Palin. All the venom that the women hating rat pack had used against Clinton was now directed against Sarah Palin.

One of the leaders of this war on women has been Andrew Sullivan — a little man who blogs and writes for an east coast publication called the Atlantic. Evidently this Andrew Sullivan person is an expat Brit who claims to be a “liberal” (whatever that label means?). I generally ignore the insane ramblings of east coast bigots. However, when this gas bag started claiming that Sarah Palin had faked her 5th pregnancy and that Sullivan wanted all (and I mean all) medical records to prove his wacky theory — even I couldn’t help but notice that this individual was suffering from an advanced case of the Palin derangement Syndrome, which is an out growth of the Clinton Derangement Syndrome which is really just WAR ON ALL WOMEN.

Then the boyz blogs (so-called Progressives) started to follow the lead of the pathetic Andrew Sullivan regarding the truth about Palin’s baby. It turns out that Palin’s daughter was pregnant and that she could not BE the biological mother of Trig (Palin’s baby) — that fact only slowed the War on Women for a few seconds.

There are three blogs that have done an outstanding job of reporting on the Palin Degrangement Syndrome and focusing on the ongoing war on women.

The Confluence

The Reclusive Leftist

Arthur Silber’s Power of narrative

Once Upon A Time is Arthur Silber’s take on the Palin Derangement Syndrome and the raving lunatic Andrew Sullivan. In my opinion a sane person would simply note that Palin wrote a book about her historic campaign and then walk away. The rest of the misogynists are going crazy with fear that Sarah Palin — because as others have said — Sarah Palin has scary lady parts and women scare the hell out of a lot of seemingly sane men (and some women as well).

This country has a problem with hating women — not just sort of disliking women — but HATE. It could be that the Salem Witch Trials are still going on and the uppity women who don’t know their place need to be punished. Good on Senator Clinton for being such a helpful Secretary to Penis in Chief — I mean — the guy in the white house who is called Obama. Secretary of State Clinton knows her place –why she serves tea to really important men from around the world.

Sorry girls the world has NOT changed a whole hell of a lot since when I was a girl. We had Elenore Roosevelt and you have Hillary Clinton and Sarah Palin. I knew early on that this country hated women — but some females are living in a constant state of denial and some even contribute to the problem. Some of these women even call themselves feminists.

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