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Bros before Hos is the Democrats message to women

There were so many hateful t-shirts worn by misogynistic 0bama supporters during last years Presidential Primary and one of the worst were the Bros before Hos t-shirts.  Since obowma never asked his boyz fanatical followers to show respect for women and 0bowma ran an misogynistic campaign we must therefore assume that the Bros before Hos is indeed the major message of his campaign.

Now that we are watching the Health Insurance for Men (tm Violet Socks, Reclusive Leftist) bill making its way to obowma’s desk so that he can sign ANYTHING in order to declare a win — we will have proof that the Democrat party is the party of the Bros — by, for and of males.

Damn those women why don’t they STFU and be good little worker bees, just like the magnificent Secretary of State Hillary Clinton. That woman knows her place — which is to serve an incompetent, lazy, inarticulate, narcissistic typical male.

All the glowing articles, features and profiles of Hillary Clinton — done, no doubt at the urging of the white house focus on a woman who works hard and who knows that she is subservient to the will of her masters.

This is the message that the women of the younger generations are getting. Yes, indeed, Clinton is a wonderful role model — for the STFU women and let the men do the important “work”.

The Patriarchy has been very successful in their game of divide and conquer/rule/conquest/kill women.

Somehow we women need to figure out how to work together for OUR best interest — and perhaps the health issues unique to women is where we can start.

During the primary season last year the 0bots would pound away on nearly all the lefty leaning blogs — using the scare tactics we know so well. If we don’t vote Dem — that x y z bad things will happen.

Well guess what — with the males in charge — bad things are happening.

Neither political party has the best interest of women as a priority. Women’s health is something that the boyz are too ready to trade away. The insurance companies have spent millions if not billions of dollars to make sure that the women will be paying extra — because we are not males. The medical standard is male. Nearly ALL test subjects for new drugs are male.

Nothing will change unless women assert their right to be recognized as human beings with human rights in BOTH parties. Neither party is good for the health of women (and children).

If the democrats manage to ram through this murderous health care welfare for the Insurance company executives, then we will be paying a tax unless we buy crap insurance. No cost controls have been included in this Welfare for the Insurance companies. Yet people who have been rejected by insurance will be TAXED by the Government, because they cannot afford the ever increasing insurance “premiums”.

It is all in the timing — the requirement for insurance companies to stop excluding customers based on “preexisting” conditions (like being female) is due to kick in AFTER everyone will be FORCED to buy insurance. Pelosie seems to be tickled pink that some insurance evaders might be sent to prison.

More than likely no one will see the final draft of this bill until long after it has been signed. We won’t know if the “pay or go to jail” will be part of this POS mess that the democrats have cobbled together FOR the insurance companies.

Several bloggers have noted that there are two choices — this Insurance Company Welfare bill or NO CHANGE (status quo).

Single Payer is not part of this legislation. Anti-trust enforcement against the Insurance companies is not part of this legislation.

Cost controls and oversight of the behavior and operation of the Insurance companies is not part of this legislation.

Does anyone think that the Insurance companies had no hand or influence in writing this bill?

Bros before Hos.The motto of the Obamacrat party.

Corporations are just like humans but superior to humans. This is the other corner stone of the Democrat Party.

Anyone wonder why the Independent voters are the largest voting block in America?

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