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Armpit Diva

Mrs. 0bama’s bare arms are often seen when she is playing the ceremonial role of HIS wife. The PR folks who appear to run the 0bama presidency must  have told her that her “best” feature is her arms. So she takes every opportunity to bear her arms. Apparently the same PR team has been promoting her as a “fashion” icon.

The best bit of trashing of the traditional role of spousal unit to the President come in the form of a request that the role of THIS spouse be a “paid” position — in other words a paid job. Who knows if this request was made by Mrs. 0 — or someone in the adoring media just thought that baring armpits in the name of fashion should become a paid position.

First Lady: A Job Worth a Paycheck

This cute little article was written by: Lauren Stiller Rikleen,  December 26, 2008. That would be the day after Christmas, interesting timing.

Sorry, but SHE was not elected — HE was. If she wants to work — let her work somewhere other than the white house and let others fulfill whatever it is that the PR guys want Mrs. 0 to do. But it might be difficult to find a hospital in DC willing to fork out a salary of over a quarter of a million dollars for Mrs. 0bama. This was the salary from her last job at a hospital in Chicago. Ironically, that important position has been eliminated now that Mrs. 0bama has climbed that social ladder.
Mrs. “I’m not a feminist” 0bama is going to do exactly WHAT for this salary that Ms. Rikleen is suggesting that Mrs. 0 deserves? Perhaps she will find ways to transfer more poor folk to outlying clinics so that they don’t clutter up her nice neat ER?

It is sad that apparently both the 0bamas felt the need to alter their face with plastic surgery — this is the impression I got after googling “obama + plastic surgery”. Perhaps the work on Mrs. 0bama’s face make her feel more self-confident? On a few of the Google links there are before and after photos — evidently the Docs who do the work can recognize the work of others. This sort of reminds me of the body work that aspiring Miss America contestants have done. And then we have the Diva of the body shop — Joan Rivers. In the last photo I saw of Ms. Rivers, she was almost unrecognizable, thankfully her photo was captioned, as Joan Rivers and her daughter (the daughter has dark hair).

Oh right — the reason that Mrs. 0bama needs a salary, she needs to be paid to keep her arms in perfect condition, it must take hours of work in the gym. She either has her own gym and exercise equipment, and personal trainer or she shares the gym with her husband. Can you imagine the scheduling difficulty. The men’s ONLY gym for the guy President and his buddies — no! That just wouldn’t work. Mrs. 0bama probably has her own little feminine gym with pink special girlie-girlie workout clothes (pink with white stripes and orange dots, with cute little matching bows for her hair).  The arm pit gym is probably specially built right off the office of the First Lady.  Really now, how much room does it take to keep the First female person’s armpits firm — oh her ARMS firm? But when the arms are bare — so are the armpits.
Politics & Imagination & humor.

Hey Mrs. 0bama — you wrote a nasty Senior thesis — so you are now forever fair game. Real feminists know exactly where you are coming from. You are a taker — not a giver.

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