Dear Obot female Kool-aid drinkers

Apparently some of you female Obot Kool-aid drinkers are waking up and are getting angry. But you poor deluded and irrational young things aren’t directing your anger at  your messiah, the Penis – the One – that guy that you voted for – because Ms Magazine bragged that under his manly coat he was really a feminist wearing a t-shirt with “feminist” across his chest. And ironically perhaps Ms Mag got it right – because 0bowma can remove that t-shirt to reveal that he is wearing yet another covert t-shirt to show yet another group of supporters that HE is on their side.

Back to you, dear female 0bots, and your current reason for foaming at the mouth, not from the Kool-aid but from the displaced anger which is directed at mature women who have seen it all and one it all and have learned from experience. You 0botie girls who are vastly superior in your judgment of men and politicians just don’t want to hear another word about the bad old days when poor women turned to coat hangers and back alleys in order to control their own bodies. But you young 0boties have suffered – you know – just really suffered – after all you have had to listen to we ugly old hags talking about ancient history. (The underlying message here is – why don’t you old ladies go off in the wood and DIE?)

Gee didn’t one of the 0boties post on her (feminista) blog all the things she is  thankful for – and there was the photo of 0bowma hugging HIS supreme court pick who doesn’t have a penis. Oh wow. As yet this Justice has not been tested – we do not know if she is a friend or foe. She is female – but does she have the heart and soul of a female – or has she sold out to the patriarchy???

Perhaps this anger from the hard core 0boties – even if it is directed at any female older than themselves is a good thing? Perhaps anger is the only antidote to the poison in the Kool-aid? If you female 0boties can stay conscious long enough, you might realize that all women are under the same bus – the bus of the Patriarchy which is now being driven by HIM.

However, the reality is that Denial is probably stronger than anger. Hanging on to denial means that you 0boties will never have to take responsibility for your spectacular bad judgment in supporting the con man 0bowma over the proven talent who happened to be female. You 0boties were so firmly seduced into voting against your best interest, that you still go bat-shit crazy at the mention of Sarah Palin’s name. The PDS (Palin Derangement Syndrome) can be seen in the irrational way the 0boties and 0botos write about Palin and when they speak her name their face contorts as if any minute they might throw themselves to the floor flailing about and foaming at the mouth. To hate another female who is also a powerful woman – who is also comfortable in her own skin – with the ferocity not shown in equal intensity to any male is very telling of an induced state of self hatred.

So girls — go for it — you know best. I frankly don’t give a damn how many of you brats die — because you girls asked for it. You have bought into the patriarchy and the idea that women were placed on earth by some god to be the plaything of men. Never mind — I really don’t believe anyone deserves the death penalty for stupidity.  But Your messiah will cause the death of innocents because of his inexperience and lack of leadership skills.

To the non-Obots out there — is there anything you can do to wake these young dumb Obotie girls up before they are lost forever? There are a few of the younger generation who never crossed that line and signed away your human rights by voting for the icon of the patriarchy. So there is hope that still yet for the younger generations.

Another message from an old hag or crone or wise woman.


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