Women writers – then and NO

To start here is the link to a list of top women writers of 2009:


There are a lot of excellent women writers on this list.

Here are the top 5:

Of these five, probably Margaret Atwood is the most recognizable name.

Way back in the olden days  men were men and women were also referred to as he in all textbooks — you know the generic he. As in “he could have as many children as he wished”. Academic books had some sort of editing rule — only masculine pronouns could be used. He was supposed to represent all humans?? NO it never did — he is he is he is he — that guy with the penis. He cannot have babies (at least the scientific male hasn’t figured out how to totally eliminate the female human with self reproducing males.) The English Literature books had ONLY male authors — apparently no women could write anything worthy of inclusion in a high school or college English textbook– back in the olden days.

So in the year of the black guy in the white house who is supposed to also be a feminist — Publishers Weekly comes out with a list of best books of 2009 and NOT one female writer on this list. (Excuse me while I throw up after writing THAT sentence — it is the lie about da Prez being a feminist is what makes me ill. I could care less about the race he claims.) What has changed since way back in the second half of the last century and the end of the decade of THIS century — apparently not a damned thing.

Publishers Weekly has become totally irrelevant and a bastion of patriarchal uselessness.

I have a good friend who is a writer. She chooses to write Thrillers with interesting complex characters and a plot that keeps you turning the pages and when the book ends, you want to reach for the next book. But the next books are still in her head and partly written. She has learned the sad truth that all women writers have learned in 2009 — you are not good enough for Publisher’s Weekly “list”. P.D. James — a best-selling author and female who used her initials to avoid the instant recognition of writing while female. I’m going to suggest to my friend that she change her pen name to a really he-man sounding name.

Other blogs discussing the stupidity of Publisher’s Weekly”

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In other news:

Women in the US can celebrate the election win of Martha Coakley for US Senator from MA. This was a Primary Victory, she still needs to beat the male candidate in the General Election. But since this is Massachusetts — her primary victory means she will be the 18th female US Senator. That is still far short of full representation for women in the US Senate. One small step forward in spite of the fact that women’s rights are slowly eroding back to their 19th century status. The only right that the US Constitution gives women is the vote. Period.

The welfare for Insurance CEO bill continues to be rewritten by lobbyists for the Health Insurance “Industry”. A bunch of fricking penises are arguing about about women’s health care needs and anything other than the generic male health care will require lots more cash for female type person coverage. And if a woman wants full control of her body, she must purchase extra extra insurance –just in case she needs the option of control of her personal icky female body parts. This is so 19th century! As Violet Socks calls the Health Care mess bill — Health Care for men bill.


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