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Paul Hogarth Obot asshat

The 0bot cult members are one year later regretting their support of 0bowma.

And right now, I’m skeptical about what has – and will – be done in this Administration. At this moment, I seriously wonder why I worked so hard to get him elected President.

[writes Paul Hogarth, 10 Dec 2009, BeyondChron – San Francisco’s Alternative Online Daily.]

What a jerk — this short sighted, self absorbed misogynistic 0bot titles his diarrhea of the key board thus: [Obowma]” is Becoming the Clinton I Feared”.

Hey asshat — your 0bowma has always been a self absorbed, aloof, lying con man. How can he be anything else? He rose to the top of the dirtiest political machine in US. He started his campaign with more money than anyone in HISTORY. He bought votes — in caucus states. He ran one of the most sexist and dishonest campaigns since R. M. Nixon ran for congress. 0bowma IS  crooked and he owes a lot of political favors — and he is paying off his BIG $$ supporters. He has a long history of throwing people under the bus — and you “liberal” or “progressive” 0bots are crying — what does he owe you guys??? NOTHING, apparently. Someone needs to draw a cartoon of 0bowman standing on all of his supporters/voters, while he is bowing the the King of Saudi Arabia and to the Goldman Sachs corporation. A fat pig could represent Goldman Sachs in the cartoon.

Paul Hagarth is merely a symbol of the stupid 0bot who got conned by one of the slickest narcissistic jerks ever to enter politics. ALL of the crap that is happening and that will happen is the fault of arrogant chauvinist pigs like the 0boto Mr. Hagarth. You got seduced by a smooth talking pretty face, you got screwed and now you are waking up to see that the pretty face is Richard Nixon. Joke is on you–fools.

The economy is the toilet and 0bowma has no clue how the economy even works. Sure 0bowma inherited a huge mess, but because he is an incompetent narcissist he can only make the mess worse. He inherited a war and hell he’s making it bigger. He apparently wants to be a war Prez, and so he arrogantly picks up the Nobel Peace Prize and has the ego of a jackel to talk about the glory of his bigger war. What a fricking joke he has become, and he is making his brother, GWB look good in comparison. Nice going 0bots!

The clue to just how rotten 0bowma is — and what sort of corrupt friends he has and where he is willing to accept campaign donations can be found in that big ‘ole house he and Mrs. obowma just had to have. They couldn’t afford the mansion but their good friend and political benefactor was there to help them buy that house that was out of their pay scale. That deal right there in Chicago should have been a red flag to anyone who claims to be a liberal or a progressive. The fact that Rizko, his benefactor was also a slum lord who couldn’t be bothered to fix the heat in a building he own should have been a clue to 0botos that your precious would turn on you, just like he turned on Rizko and so many others on 0bowma’s way to the white house.

So that is why Paul Hogarth gets the stand out 0boto prize of the week/year/decade.


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