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News Flash Obama gives self a passing grade

Obama gives himself a grade of B+ for his job performance so far.

Well isn’t that special? Just what we would expect from a Narcissist.

SNARK ALERT (for the profoundly dense who don’t understand sarcasm.)

Now how on earth did the ONE come up with the grade of B+? Perhaps because he has traveled and given lots and lots of teleprompter speeches? Or perhaps his real constituency is really really pleased with the way he is taking care of them/it. His “real constituency” are the ones who are getting really really ultra rich in today’s economy.

However (this is where the snark starts for real) — however, since both 0bowma and Mrs. 0 believe that he is blessing us all by BEING president in the first place — then perhaps 0bowma considers himself to be a sample of one — the ONLY one with his brilliance and intelligence to occupy the office of President. He is only trying to show his humility by grading himself with a B+ when he knows that due to he specialness — his uniqueness that he deserves an A+++++++++++++++++ to infinity.

But what this really means is that he is delusional as well as being a narcissist.

His grade for his job performance so far should be an incomplete. I really can’t think of anything that HE himself has done. Oh he has taken responsibility for expanding the war — over there — in Afghanistan and now it is spilling over into Pakistan and the troops are still in Iraq.

See that’s the problem with letter grades — they are basically meaningless unless we understand their context. In what context did 0bowman assign himself a B+ — for speechifying or reading the teleprompter? Yep he can read a teleprompter.


See the links on the right for information about the Narcissistic Personality Disorder.


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