College kids having trouble finding jobs

Remember way back almost two years ago, in December when the blogs started buzzing about the upcoming primaries and the 0bots came out in force for their messiah. It really got nasty on the boyz blogs (example — the orange stain and many other A list blogs).

College students were  rabidly obnoxious and overbearing in their blind enthusiasm  for their messiah. How many of these students were presumed paid bloggers for camp 0bama? 0bots descended on any and all political blogs to promote their messiah and threaten and harass anyone who was an Edwards or Clinton or McCain supporter. Some of these kids also showed up at caucuses to harass Clinton supporters. It sort of looked like the 0bama forces had a huge labor pool to draw on and 0bama had lots of cash to spend. The YOUNG were certainly taken in by the con man with the tent preacher style of speaking.

I was an eyewitness to the invasion of the caucus by college age kids and their intimidation of Clinton voters. I also saw how the 0bama forces bought the state Democrat parties.

Now two years later some of these same students are out looking for jobs with their newly minted diplomas. Except jobs are few and far between. Perhaps they need to send their resume to the White House?

Read more about the trials and tribulations of 0bot cultist. And I am so sorry for the few sane college kids who saw through 0bowma — it must suck getting the same treatment as the 0bots who deserve the shaft they are getting. Hey I’m not a narcissist — I do have empathy for the misfortunes of others. It is just that it is hard to resist saying — I told you so!

I Told YOU 0bots that he would dump you in the morning. Some day you young folks will learn that the show horse with the glitz and sequins has never been a work horse. This guy or gal is what is called the charismatic leader  the one used to motivate the troops but not the one who understands how to organize the troops and house, clothe and feed the troops.


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