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Somerby continues Palin bashing

Is Somerby on the White House payroll? Or does he do his hatch jobs on Palin on his own time because he is suffering from the Palin Derangement syndrome (PDS)?

My guess is that Daily Howler’s Bobbie Somerby has a heavy-duty case of PDS. Plus he wants to be on the White House good guys list — so he is probably writing to that specific audience.

So WHAT — Palin wrote an article. I haven’t read it and probably won’t waste my time.

What’s the matter Bobbie — you think that Governor Palin might take some of attention from The Precious when he and his ego show up in Europe at the end of this week?

Who the hell will remember what Palin wrote by Friday — you old gas bag. The middle class are dodging so much sh*t coming from Washington that it is highly unlikely that an op-ed in a stupid EAST Coast newspaper will make a bit of difference to anyone — except those with a heavy-duty case of PDS.

But jerks like Somerby making a fuss over something that Palin writes for a third tier newspaper (even if it is on the east coast) WILL make people take notice.

Grow up boys — find something else to gossip about.

What can we expect from someone who writes: “We Stand With Stupak” — and then blathers on to explain that he means something else. No Somerby you do not get a pass for being a sexist pig. STOP trying to prove the case that you are really a chauvinist PIG.

Somerby’s reason for his current anti-Palin rant is that mere mortal — non scientists shouldn’t express an opinion on Climate Change — that only the dudely Scientists really really understand the extreme complicated climate stuff  because these scientists guys write computer games simulations to show us poor ignorant masses what the future weather is going to be like.

It is about time that the walls between lesser mortals and the scientists are broken down. Scientists need to learn to use the words of the common folk rather than blathering on with “Science-speak”. Some scientists realize the there is a communication problem and they are making an effort to make science more accessible to the masses. But because so many of the Scientists have their noses in the air — they really can’t see where they are going.

When the science is about predictions that will in some way affect ALL of us from the rich nations to the poor — and to the generations who will follow us — what we need is transparency and discussion from all sides. If the deniers have proof that the Warners are wrong — then show us the data and stop screaming “liar”. Both sides need to show their proof, data and the formulas used to reach their conclusions. Both sides have an agenda — the Deniers are mostly making a living — to them being theatrical is merely a job. The Warners (Scientists, camp followers and Academic Gadflies) also have jobs to do.

The Deniers and Warners are two of the four sides to the Climate debate according to Steward Brand :

DENIALISTS — They are loud, sure and political . . .

SKEPTICS  –This group is most interested in the limitations of climate science so far. . . .
WARNERS — These are the climatologists who see the trends in climate headed toward planetary disaster, and they blame human production of greenhouse gases as the primary culprit. . . .

CALAMATISTS –There are many environmentalists who believe that industrial civilization has committed crimes against nature, and retribution is coming. . . .

Brand’s article is well worth reading to understand the players.

My best bet is that Palin falls among the skeptics after reading the first part of her book, “Going Rouge”. Her father was a science teacher and science was discussed at the dinner table by the Heath family. But then she is a politician just like 0bama is a politician. If only the “scientists” should be discussing this highly complicated subject — then perhaps 0bowma should bow out and let a scientist represent him at the Climate Conference?

Other bloggers have noted the boyz bloggers will take any opportunity to savage Palin — no matter what she does. One does not have to be a fan of Palin to see that she is being treated differently because she is female.

WE need more discussion — not less. Let Palin have her say and STFU Somerby.



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