Foreclosure Friendly – Depression in the Big City

Foreclosure Friendly – Depression in the Big City

Depression as in Economic Depression, and “Foreclosure Friendly” was one of those yellow bank “foreclosure signs” tacked on to the condos “for sale” sign. Does anyone have any idea what “Foreclosure Friendly” is supposed to mean – besides being an oxymoronic sign?

This country Bumpkin (me) went to the Big City today, first time in about a year and the changes are very evident. Apparently the stimulus money is being used to tear up the roads and rebuilding what was just torn up and rebuilt a few years ago. There is still a lot of empty commercial real-estate. Trader Joes was able to locate to a better strip mall with more room, but their old location is still vacant a year later. In previous years the malls and strip malls would have been busy and the streets would have been difficult to navigate. The traffic was surprisingly light for the major shopping month of the year. Perhaps it will get busier closer to Christmas. But the merchants don’t seem to think so, since most of the stores appeared to have Christmas related items on sale already. In years past Christmas merchandise was put on sale on 26 December. I saw only one individual in a large decorator type shop scooping up the pre/post-Christmas bargains.

Shoppers were coming and going at Wal-Mart, I sat in the parking lot to see what their customers were carrying. I suspect that many were picking up prescription medicines, from the looks of the bags and having checked out the store a couple of years ago. The Veterinarian Clinic I use sends prescriptions for pets to Wal-Mart to be filled.

This major urban/suburban shopping area has a Large magnet mall which has been surrounded by rings strip malls over the years. This expanding growth of the shopping area around the founding mall tends to be typical throughout the west and southwest.

The reason why I was able to spend time watching the Christmas shoppers was because my cat was in need of dental work and I have several hours to entertain myself. I know more about the activities of bears, coyotes, squirrels, and birds than the inhabitants of the urban jungle. A big town in my neck of the words is about 14,000. Whereas my pet’s Vets are located in a city of several hundred thousand.

Skipping from the subject of behavior of indigenous urban inhabitants to the comparison of human’s health care to domestic pet’s health care.

One thing I noticed, probably because I have become sensitized to the staffing of human health care clinics which rely on a large staff to negotiate the “health care” insurance fu*king mess, was that there is no comparable, non patient care giving, staffing overload at the Vet clinic. Also the charges for the medical care my cat received was very inexpensive compared to the same procedures done on a human patient. I won’t need to battle co-pays, and exactly what the insurance company will or will not pay. I was given the bill and paid it with a credit card. I won’t be paying and paying for health insurance for the cat – I’m only paying for the medical care he received. Which also means that I CAN pay for my pet’s health care, while others can no longer take care of their pets, because they are in “foreclosure friendly” circumstances. While I was waiting for my cat, a re-homed dog was brought in by her new owners. They had rescued this dog two days before and were bringing her to the Vet to update her shots etc. The women working the desk said that many pets were being abandoned and they were seeing more re-homed pets.

The Vet Clinic is an example of a small business which is necessary to the community but is dealing with fewer clients and has had to scale back their staff. I could basically choose the day to bring in my cat, three years ago unless it was an emergency I would have had to make an appointment several days in advance.

This is my Sociology research project in this urban area that I have been informally monitoring for about 15 years because this is the best Vet clinic for my pets. Through the years I’ve had hours to spend watching human behavior in this urban setting while waiting for the Vets to finish caring for my gang. I don’t see the slow changes – I’m a witness to the major changes, store closings, new strip malls, traffic congestion or lack of traffic congestion.

On my long drive back to my rural home I started to think that the solution to the Health Care for America is for Congress to pass a bill declaring all citizens – Domestic Animals. Senate Majority Leader Reid has attempted to do this by putting a yearly limit on how much money can be spent on each patient. Which is what pet owners are often forced to do – if the health care is more than we can afford we are forced to humanely put our dear pets to sleep. So what happens if someone reaches that magic number – is the person then turned out on the street to die in the gutter?

America is becoming a third world country. In Brazil, an Olympic Class female weight lifter, gave birth to a baby during competition. She didn’t know she was pregnant. The baby was premature. The mother and newborn baby were taken to the hospital, but the mother had to leave because she had no money to pay for her care. Damn . . .  she is competing for her Nation and she doesn’t have health care and she didn’t know she was pregnant. This is something that could happen is America, in fact when I first read the headline I thought it was news from America (the news items was on the BBC website).

BUT back to the stupid sign I saw as I drove into the city. I would still like to know what idiotic Moron came up with  — “Foreclosure Friendly” as an advertising tool to sell condo units???


Update, Foreclosure Friendly is a real estate voodoo term invented in the era of Prez Backtrack  — More Here, and here.


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