Animal Behavior Thursday

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The BBC has video and an article about the TOOL USING Octopus that snatches coconut shells and runs off with the shells. Not so long ago humans believed that only the human species used tools. Jane Goodall shot a hole in that theory with her reports and photos of chimps using tools to get termites out of their hills. Since then several species of birds (crows for example) have demonstrated that they too can use tools and that they can teach other crows how to use tools.

Octopi are quite smart and they also have Individual Differences in Behavior — sort of like eight legs and a personality to boot.

Chimps using tools

Here’s an updated report about Chimps fishing for termites.

There are many more BBC articles and video about Animal Behavior. It seems that the Brits are as batty about animals as Americans are — or is it we Americans are as Batty as the Brits about animals?

Animal behavior blog.

Animal Behavior on Discovery News


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