Animal Behavior Thursdays

Check this website for current Animal behavior research:

The one that has a link to Politics might be the report that mothering behavior grows brain cells.

SO — extrapolating from that news items. Does that mean that the Congress critters in their isolated bubbles lose brain cells because they are not directly “mothering” their constituency and lose the maternal urge to protect and care for the people who voted them into office????

Don’t you think that is a political link to this research with RATS? (As in DemocRATS) Perhaps the GOP — or Republicans having no RAT as part of their party name have no chance of having maternal behavior at all. Therefore, the GOP doesn’t give a damned about individual voters and the DemocaRATS have lost contact with their constituency and are more involved with Lobbyist so they lose brain cells?

Does the gaining of brain cells only happen to FEMALES of the species or do the Fathers who care for and nurture babies also gain brain cells?
Link to virgin female rats gaining brains cells through mothering behavior.


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