Stupak violates Constitutional wall between church & state

13 November 2009 is when this blog began screaming that Stupak and the religious right were forcing their RELIGIOUS views on ALL women of the US. That POS “health care” bill is a violation of the Constitution. Below is the quote from this blog and the link to the article.

This bill is NOT religion neutral — and the religious views of an extreme minority are being forced on the majority (women).

But who the hell am I? Well a month ago I was considered someone to be ignored — by blog owners who will not be named. But today — they have taken up the very issue that I brought up over a month ago. The Constitutional Issue of forcing women to obey the religion of the Patriarchal Christian Taliban.

Somerby was defending Stupak — and I considered Somerby to be a tool of the white house — who want any bill with “health care” tacked on. There was no way in hell that Stupak, should be defended.


Below are most of my screaming to the wall — but hot damn — apparently I saw what NO ONE ELSE SAW!!! And the blog that shall remain nameless decided that I should be banned. Well fuck them to hell. Sometimes Cassandras happen to be right — because we can see the fatal flaw. And the fatal flaw is that you stupid assholes couldn’t see that Somerby is a tool and he was doing a re-direct — magic — look over there and see those nuts well they are picking on Stupak. Well those nuts were correct — Stupak is a traitor to the Constitution he has sworn to uphold. He is trying to force his religion — his brand of religion on every single WOMAN in the US. Stupad is a terrorist against women and he is part of the American Taliban. YES it is as bad as that.

Thanks to the blogs owners who are now awake — you can have the credit for “discovering” that the wall between church and state is being breached and that Stupak is forcing HIS religion on all Women. Now I’ll go find another windmill to conquer.

13 Dec 2009

The Stupak amendment should never have made it to the floor to be voted on, because it is a violation of the separation of church and state. Stupak is forcing his religion on every WOMAN in America. Stupak is part of the “Family” and he rents a room in one of the houses owned by the “Family”, which is a religious organization. IF Stupak and his gang can get away with the real subjugation of women’s bodies to the church/government – then what other will of the American Taliban* might he try to legislate next? One has to wonder what the extreme religious right has on so many politicians that these individuals are willing to go against the will of the majority of American voters?

Problem is that women are still a very small minority in congress, and the Patriarchy reigns supreme.

Well, gee, I’ll bet Somerby can’t understand why anyone would be upset or disagree with his words. They are just words – just like Stupak’s amendment are just words, and the male only health care bill are just words. If you happen to be female, then you will pay more for “health insurance” because you have a pre-existing condition of being female.

Stupak is part of the American Taliban*, there is just no other way to explain his dogmatic need to keep women subservient to the holy penis. This is the American Taliban that has spreads their religion of hate to other countries. The African country of Uganda has a ruler who is a Christian convert to a specific sect of America (which is currently being called the American Taliban). Uganda’s legislature has passed a law to target homosexuals for imprisonment and even death (this part is still being debated and may not be included in this hate legislation). After badgering and urging by concerned individuals, one of the American Taliban, Rick Warren, has decided to do the right thing and condemn the legislature Uganda’s targeting of homosexuals and anyone who knows homosexuals.


It should be obvious to the dense males like Bob Somerby (Daily Howler) and Somerby’s fan club, that no one who cares about the Constitution and Democracy should “stand with Stupak”. In fact Stupak should be shunned as a traitor to the Constitution and America, who is loyal to his religion which is a conflict with his job as a member of Congress. If Jesus were around today it is doubtful that he would approve of what is being done in his name. The accounts we have of this Jesus of the Bible are stories of a kind and compassionate person.

19 Nov 2009

… perhaps we women should start demanding to know about the private business of all men who defend and promote Stupid Stupak’s religious dogmatic views about women. . .

16 Nov 2009

The democrats declared War on women one week ago. Thanks to the skill and cunning of Speaker of the House Nancy back stabbing pelousy the religious right have a chance of taking custody of women’s bodies. Since the far right religious dogmatic by the name of Stupak inserted his amendment effectively outlawing abortions funded by Insurance companies. Mr. nitwit Stupak put in the phony “rape” exception — but since only 6% of the rapist get conviction (rape must be the NATIONAL sport in America??) — that means basically only very wealthy women will have access to safe abortions.

Let me restate my objection to this Stupak amendment to the “health care” support bill for the insurance companies.  Women have the right to privacy and the right to control THEIR OWN BODIES. Women should not be forced to ask for permission from a government appointed panel of penises (or female penis worshipers) for a medical procedure which may or may not include an abortion. Religious nuts are forcing their specific brand of misogynistic dogma on women.

IF these wing nut religious nuts can take ownership of women’s uteri — then they can most certainly dictate all forms of health care and for women they are hell-bent on removing women’s birth control.

The Stupid Stupak amendment is a violation of the Constitution — that little thing about the Separation of Church and State. The minority — in this case the male religious nuts whose sole goal in their religion appears to be the complete domination and subjugation of women* — want to dictate what women can and cannot do with their bodies. Perhaps the US version of the Taliban will decide that US women cannot be involved in sports — like their fundamentalist counterparts in several Islamic Countries.


In today’s installment (13 November) Somerby is trying to convince his readers that stupid Stupak is not the “other”. After pontificating on how we all need to get along and “respect” the views of others.

That is not the problem Bobby. The problem is that Stupak and his cult of religious nuts want to do what ALL religious fundamentalists want to do — THEY are intent on controlling women and that means they are indeed the “other”. The problem with the extreme fundamentalists is that they demand to force their religious beliefs on others.

Listen up boys especially those of you who feel the need to defend Stupid Stupak. The fact is that Stupak is the enemy, he is the other, because he is trying to force his religious dogma on WOMEN. He sees abortion and women as something that men must control — because he is like ALL religious fundamentalist — a misogynistic authoritarian terrorist. These groups have been waging hate crimes against women, these groups condone the fire bombing of women’s health clinics (which may or may NOT be providing abortion services or counseling). What Stupak did was insert religious dogma in a health care legislation. THIS is wrong and THIS is where I draw my line in the sand. Keep religion the hell out of the government. Bobby Somerby doesn’t get it and most of the boyz bloggers do not get it.

Now apparently the religious right-wing are not satisfied that they control the Republicans, they are also attempting to take over the Democrat party. Somerby appears to be too willing to defend Stupid Stupak. There are enemies that have infiltrated the pathetic Democrat party and Stupak is an enemy of democracy.

This bill is NOT religion neutral — and the religious views of an extreme minority are being forced on the majority (women).

reason for edit: typos corrected (I hope). 2nd edit — I just had to add the Christian Taliban at the top. These jerks need to be called what they are.


2 Responses

  1. Good post!

    I remember, I was paying attention. I’ve followed this issue for a long time.

    Prolife Tim Kaine as head of the DNC, Harry Reid, right, like they would never force their beliefs on anyone else! Where have people been for the past year, living in the land of unicorns and ponies? Of course this bill forces people’s religious beliefs on women. This isn’t breaking news, not if you’ve been awake and sober. Not that I recommend either.

  2. yttik — yes you would notice — but apparently a whole lot of people are now “shocked”!

    To me this so clearly steps over the line — and it isn’t about abortion — it is about the separation of church and state.

    Women will die — because hospitals when faced with anything that remotely resembles “abortion” & women’s reproductive health may decide that nothing can be done. This happened to a woman in one of the northern midwestern states. And I don’t remember if she died or almost died but had greater health issues because the hospital she was out couldn’t decide if her illness was within the law or not. Seems to me that she was taken across state lines to where real docs knew how to save her life.

    Again — religion of the American Christian Taliban gets in the way of women’s health care.

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