Ba humbug from Obama

The world is noticing what many of us have known for a long time — that Obama shows up at the end and tries to claim credit for the hard work of others. It happened again in Copenhagen. Representatives of the countries of the world have been meeting on the issues involved in Climate change. Which means living together on this planet with some sort of cooperation. Ba humbug from Obama to the world. Peace on earth — not so much. Good will to men? Only if you happen to be a really really rich guy (and are a king).

Obama blows into town — pulls in China and a few other countries and the announces that HE has a deal. His behavior is so predictable. This is what he did way back when he was in the Illinois Senate, his name was placed on bills that others had been working on for years — but he waltzes in and claims victory.

One story by Senators while Obama was playing at being a US Senator was that he joined a photo session for a bill that he had no hand in writing — but he sure acted like HE was the one.

This sort of behavior is so normal for him — that it goes to his character and his core values.

So the idiot Congress critters are buying and selling and being bought and selling their souls for this “health care” BS — which apparently most Americans are not too thrilled about.  As information leaks out about how bad we are all going to be SCREWED in order for HIM to “win” another campaign — HIS approval rating is slowly sinking to the low low numbers of the Congressional approval rating.

Meanwhile Obama is lying about his campaign promises regarding health care. Problem is that THIS time HE has left a record — videos and public statements which can be compared to his current claims about his campaign promises.

Liar. Thy Name is Obama is RedDragon’s latest blog entry which details Obama’s campaign promises about “his” health care plan and this POS bill now being nailed together in a box in a backroom somewhere in D.C.

Obama did NOT want any form of public option (remember Mrs. 0 had that $350,000 job in a Chicago Hospital that was eliminated when she moved to DC with HIM.) There is no single payer for anyone. Everyone will be forced to buy whatever the heck the insurance companies decide to dump on the citizens of America. There are no cost controls and the dumb ass democrats voted AGAINST drug importation from Canada. So now the border COPS will threaten, question, and integrate anyone returning from Canada about what they bought in the Canadian pharmacies. I watched the border COPS working for the US pharmaceutical companies and they were bullying senior citizens. Many retired folks had to go to Canada in 2005 to get their flu shots because the US had an inadequate supply of flu vaccine.

[snark alert]

Apparently the US will now hired the East German Gestapo to interrogate and intimidate senior citizens who go to Canada and elsewhere to buy affordable medicine.[end snark alert]

If you have “high quality” health insurance you will be taxed so that you will pay more and probably end with low average to poor coverage. My prediction is that tax payers will be very angry to see yet another tax and not see anything for this tax. One of the horse trading going on behind closed doors is that some folks with the “Cadillac” insurance plans won’t be taxed 40% to cover the increased cost of this “land mark” fiasco.

Of course women’s health has been tossed out — this is after all, a men’s health care bill. Being female is a pre-existing condition apparently requiring extra insurance coverage. Since there are NO cost controls written into this bill — who know what this MESS will end up costing hard-working Americans?

Ironically some of the 0bots have shaken off their Kool-aid induced coma and realize that they have been lied to and that they will be paying higher taxes (welfare to the insurance companies). Too bad suckers — HE is your mess — you own HIM and his arrogance.

Women’s media center has more information and suggestions of what we can do about this mess.

Dissenting Justice, has some information about the Constitutional issues involved. The blog owner of Dissenting Justice is Professor Darren Hutchinson, who is a real Constitutional Law Professor.

This POS legislation that Obama is bragging on and intends to give himself an A++++++++++++ for — has some real Constitutional issues. The major one I see is that the Democrats are allowing a STATE religion to be established and women will now be forced to obey the rules of ONE fundamentalist cult. This is the Democrats who are doing this to women.

The Democrats who told women that we just had to vote for them because ONLY the Dems could protect women from those nasty creepy Republicans. Well right now I can’t see a dime’s worth of difference between the DemRATS and the Republican’t.

And NO Patriarchal religion looks one bit inviting to me at the moment. Every damned one seems to want to control women’s bodies.

So Ba humbug right back at ya — 0bowma. Go find another king to bow to this holiday season — like one of the Kings of Wall Street. Ah gee — I can see it now 0bama will put on a crown and bow to his image in the mirror — we three kings of orient are. . . .


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  1. Isn’t it awful? This health care bill is just atrocious. It screws over absolutely everybody, except the insurance companies. At least they get something out of the deal. Seniors face medicare cuts, people with good insurance face taxes on it, the Children’s Health Insurance program faces cuts, the wealthy face a 5.4% tax, the working class either buy insurance, pay a fine or go to jail, and the poor wind up being forced onto medicaid, which will pretty much wipe out state budgets.

    Also, when you’re on medicaid you face recapture. That means your assets or future assets belong to the state. Nobody’s talking about this, but it’s been a problem for poor seniors for many years. If you wind up in a nursing home, the State Gov can take your home. When you pass away, your estate goes to the state to repay your medicaid funds. If we’re going to put more people on medicaid we should at least inform them of this. Nobody will be able to leave their homes to their children anymore. We will have basically destroyed the right to inherit property.

  2. Thank you for reminding me about the state taking ownership of the property of medicaid patients. I had forgotten about this detail.

    Which leads to another question — if the medical treatment is considered too costly by the government committee — can they decide that the patient isn’t worth the cost AND then the state “inherits” the estate of the patient — who died because the state declined to pay the medical bills.

    Nice summary:

    We will have basically destroyed the right to inherit property.

    Wonderful Christmas Present from the dems and 0bama — NOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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