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Core values – what we take for granted

Do any politicians have core values? What do we mean by core values — something like honor and defend the US Constitution? It seems to many of us the the politicians have lied their asses off.

In every society certain things are regarded as ‘self evident truths.’ Different societies make different assumptions about man and the universe, but within each society the great majority of people conform unwittingly to the prevailing set of beliefs. Louis Wirth observed that ‘the most important thing . . . we can know about a man is what he takes for granted, and the most elemental and important facts about a society are those that are seldom debated and generally regarded as settled.”
. . .
In “a society where war is taken for granted, the average man applauds the development of increasingly destructive weapons systems. . .

So long as the individual takes for granted the assumptions that prevail in his society, he is limited to those thoughts and actions which are conceivable in terms of these assumptions. To perceive other alternatives he must first break free of the preconceptions which limit his imagination.”

[Source: Normal Neuroses in the Individual &
society, by Snell Putney and Gail Putney.]

“Many people identify with a political party for about the same reason they identify with a baseball team, and give it the same partisan support. They seek to involve themselves vicariously in an exciting contest and are ardent supporters of their “team.”

For other people, political behavior is an acting out of inner conflicts. . . . In the ranks of any political party there are a few whose allegiance is predicated on a rational decision. . .

Campaign managers are realists. and that part of a presidential campaign which is directed at the party regulars consists largely of tactics to reinforce group solidarity: buttons and beanies, slogans and chants. . . . Beyond this, little consideration is given to the party regulars who can be presumed to be committed in advance. Most of the campaign is aimed at the apathetic voter, the “independent” voter, and the possible defector from the other party.

The American politcal party exists to nominate and to elect a slate of candidates, not to formulate national policy. Thus its function is to put forward men whome the voters will accept–and it is therefore highly responsive to the voters’ neurotic patterns. If the men who are ultimately elected through this process are qualifed to lead the world’s most powerful nation through years of crisis, it is largely by coincidence. . . .
Thus the political institutions begins by encouraging the irrational and neurotic motives by which it manipulates the voter, and ends by being unable to transcend these motives. . .

The above quotes from the Sociology text book, Normal Neuroses, In The Individual and Society,  was published in 1964. The language of textbooks has changed somewhat, the overwhelming use of the male pronoun is soften somewhat in modern Sociology texts with the use of inclusive pronouns. But this Country and this world is still a largely misogynistic place. The last chapter of this text book also quotes President Dwight D. Eisenhower great speech warning about the military industrial complex. In fact I believe that Eisenhower coined that phrase.  I wonder what Ike would say about the bonus class of Wall Street and the “health care” Insurance Industry?

What we needed was another Ike, or hell someone who is a proven leader with core values and EMPATHY. One core value which the current resident of the White House lacks is empathy. Narcissists lack empathy. Ike wasn’t perfect — because he was human.

So can we guess what core values (if any) that the guy in the White House? Perhaps we need to quiz the Teleprompter?

How many people are questioning the fact that this so called Health care bill includes the establishment of a State Church which demands that women ONLY bow down and obey the religious dictates of an extreme religious sect? The patriarchy is determined to restore order and their view that women are evil.

We watched the oozing misogyny of the Democrat party during the Primary season which basically ignored and are ignoring their promises to women. Obviously the platform was meaningless — it was written by a small group of individuals to reflect the will of ONE person. There was a show of soliciting input from regular party members, but in the end the party officials weren’t concerned with pleasing the party regulars — because where else could the folks who called themselves democrats go? To the evil Republicans?

Yea team — rah rah rah.

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