Crotch Bomber – Post Xmas news

The case of the attempted Crotch Bomber (similar MO as the Shoe Bomber)

BBC headline: Man charged with attack on US jet
“A Nigerian is charged with attempting to destroy a passenger jet arriving in the US by detonating a bomb on board.”

The Department of Justice alleges that when he boarded the plane in the Netherlands he had “a device attached to his body”.

It said a preliminary FBI analysis found that the device contained PETN, also known as pentaerythritol, a high explosive.”

Just because most people have never heard of PETN doesn’t mean that the vile fundamentalists (Islamic variety) are also ignorant. A quick Google search yields over 200,000 hits for PETN.

Also notice that the individual now under arrest would fit even the most vague profile of someone in need of careful scrutiny during the preboarding screening. He is NOT an elderly woman in a wheel chair (which seems to be the favorite target of airport “security”). Airport security must stop the Politically Correct (PC) screening of every single damned person. Right now everyone who flies is considered a threat and guilty until proven innocent. Frail 94 year old women wearing their shoes through the security checkpoints — ARE NOT A threat. Also the government must be aware by now that the FIRST line of defense are the passengers — the very ones who are treated as potential criminals by the airport security. It was the PASSENGERS who jumped into action to stop this creep and help put the fire out that Mr. Crotch bomb ignited. The passengers were the heroes — NOT any of the security. It is the citizens themselves, left to act when their government over reacts and neglects to protect us from individuals who should receive the full resources security agencies.

PETN is in small doses as a medicine for heart disease.

PETN is used as a vasodilator, similar to nitroglycerin. A medicine for heart disease, Lentonitrat, is nearly pure PETN.

Will the Government decide to use this crack-pot fundamentalist’s attempt to implement even harsher screening methods on the traveling public? Will frail elderly citizens be further harassed by the TSA? Will nursing mothers be forced to expose their breasts for public display? Will all liquids be with held from passengers? Sometimes when we brainstorm what the TSA might think up in response to the Islamic fundamentalist’s latest terror plot — it happens. If we can imagine the worst the TSA will do it.

And so the Terrorist win again — when we lose our freedom and our right to privacy due to terrorists actions — they win and American citizens lose again.

Members of a wealthy Nigerian family have confirmed to journalists that he is the son of the former chairman of First Bank of Nigeria, the BBC’s Caroline Duffield reports from Lagos.

The suspect’s name was in a database indicating “a significant terrorist connection” although it did not appear on a “no-fly” list, said New York congressman Peter King, a member of the US House of Representatives Homeland Security Committee.

[from BBC article]

And then the predictable knee jerk reaction:

Air Canada announced that passengers on flights to the US would not be able to leave their seats in the final hour of flight, nor have access to cabin luggage at that time.

[from BBC article]


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