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Another would-be bomber

How did this fool get on the plane in the first place? Just two days after the “crotch bomber” (who was on a list of suspicious persons) and on the same flight number another Nigerian man locked himself in the plane’s bathroom.

One thing we can be sure of is that all the little old ladies on the flight were put under the same intense scrutiny as the Islamic males.

There are limited security resources and thus it would seem logical that the group that has a history of terrorist threats and actions should have the highest level of pre-boarding screening. Treat airline passengers using Triage methods developed in battle fields and in Hospital Emergency rooms. The individuals who might pose security threat due to the known profile of groups who have demonstrated that just really hate the West (that would be everyone who is not a radical Islamic like themselves).  More than likely a whole lot of innocent people will be targeted for additional security checks. This is the price one pays for being a member of a fundamentalist religion that does nothing to end the reign of terror of a small radical wing of this religion.

But we aren’t going to see anything sensible or logical from the current politicians in charge of security. Flying is already a miserable experience and a vast waste of time.  Plus we will probably now be subjected to increased fees to continue the business as usual of the TSA etc.

The no-fly list was used by the previous administration to harass individuals who dared to speak out against the GWB administration — obviously the no-fly list hasn’t been improved to target the real security risks. The two most recent actions by individuals on two different planes, on the same flight number, taking the same route — should be a warning to change security screening methods.

Targeting every person, who has the damned nerve to buy an airline ticket, as potential terrorists continues to be a huge waste of time and resources.

Phyllis Chesler asks: What next Body Cavity Searches at Airports?

For some individuals, the more abuse they are subject to while traveling, the safer they feel. Apparently these individuals don’t understand that the abuse of passengers is merely a show for ignorant fools. When security is but a show, as it is now, then the real terrorists are able to walk right through the loop holes. As long a frail little old ladies are subjected to the same level of security as the ones who really could be a threat, the real bad guys are going to continue to keep breaching airport security games.

Personally I see a connection between the extreme misogynistic Islamic individuals who turn women into objects of hatred and then move on to other groups to hate target. Once one group becomes a hate object, it becomes so much easier to classify other groups as hate objects. The enemy becomes a non-person. Serial Killers, we are told, begin by killing small animals and then move to humans (most usually female humans).

4 Responses

  1. “This is the price one pays for being a member of a fundamentalist religion that does nothing to end the reign of terror of a small radical wing of this religion.”

    I certainly hope that you practice Jainism, Buddhism, or something similar. ALL religious factions have their extremist, violent zealots. …especially Christianity and Islam.
    See, as one of many examples: The Westboro Baptist Church.

    • I have no interest in any organized religion — they all seem to be the same with small variations. Buddhism seems the least offensive.

      Just about all the fundamentalists feel the need to cram their warped view of the “perfect world” down non believer’s throats.

      Each of the major religions seems to have extreme crack pots — in the case of Islam — they aim their hatred any anyone not of their religion. There is no middle ground for the authoritarian fundamentalist. These radical haters are getting bolder — thus these jerks should have been profiled and stopped before they had a chance to cause harm.

      Also it could be that individuals who are already psychologically unbalanced (bat shit crazy) are drawn to the radical extremes.

      And yes we have the religiously crazy in the US — books have been written on the cults. PC might work with rational sane individuals — but not the pathological haters.

      The first guy was recognized as an undesirable and kept out of the UK — why did he get a Visa for the US? Heads should roll — and people fired.

  2. Times On line has an article about the first bomber who was from an affluent family in Nigeria. But what is interesting about this article are the reactions in the comments. Some are calling for full body searches, X-rays and every manner of “security”. Other comments understand the implications of more intrusions and assaults on paying customers by the badly trained “security”.

    This person was already IDENTIFIED and he was blocked from entering the UK because he was already known to have bad or questionable associates.

    He should NEVER have been issued a visa to visit the US in the first place — the US should have been in contact with the UK. Don’t these two countries share information?

    Since the UK had concerns and cause to block his entrance to their country — the US should have been warned and his name should have been flagged for either being banned to enter or an extra close security check.

    Bottom line — US security FAILED the crew and passengers of both planes. Both individuals should have raised caution flags — but this didn’t happen. How the hell did they get Visa?

    0bama’s security grade — F (it happened on HIS shift).

    In the end the passengers will have to take care of ourselves — we can expect to be assaulted and harassed by the US Government — but that is merely for show. We are on our own in the not so friendly skies.


  3. NQ has a transcript posted from some radicals bent on the domination of England — it is their way (their version of Islam) or leave.

    Change a few surnames & add a few Christian memes and it could be right wing Christian fundamentalists trying to turn the US into a theocracy.


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