Update to Second NON Attempted bombing

Apparently the Nigerian who locked himself in the plane’s bathroom was ill. So there was NO bomb and this was NOT a second attempt bombing.

However the Authoritarians are calling for EVERYONE who files to be x-rayed. This presumably includes the frail old people who can NOT even lift their arms. I suppose that all fliers now need to practice lifting their arms — dropping their pants and whatever else the TSA and such sadists can think up.

The point is that the first guy was a real threat. His father reported his strange behavior to the US Embassy in Nigeria and the son’s VISA was NOT immediately revoked. The first guy — the Crotch Bomber — paid for his plane ticket with CASH and had no luggage and he was on a bad guy list — just not the no-fly list.

So we have three major red flags and still the creep was allowed to fly.

There is no need for further invasive and costly security — if the red flags that Mr. Abdulmutallab presented were ignored — then abusing the innocent flying public will NOT help in the least. TARGET the individuals who raise the warning flags, spend security resources where they will do the most good.

The failure belongs to the Embassy and the no-fly list needs to be investigated, revamped and made flexible so it can adapt to any new threat that the vile psychopaths think up. We hear stories about infants and young children listed on the no-fly list as well as the late Senator Ted Kennedy. Those glitches  should tell the bean counters, who keep this super duper secret list — that the criteria for being put on the list needs revisions — FAST.

Google: No fly list errors, and in a few seconds there are over one million hits.

The ACLU has sued on behalf of six Americans who have had experiences similar to Kennedy’s. The travelers suing the government include a Vermont college student, a retired Presbyterian minister and an ACLU employee.


As we understand from the news stories about the Crotch Bomber — it was the passengers & Flight Attendants who saved the day. The heroes subdued the creep and put out the fire. But now it seems that 0bama and company want to take the credit — the ONE is certainly full of audacity.

Obama administration officials scrambled to portray the episode, in which passengers and flight attendants subdued Mr. Abdulmutallab and doused the fire he had started, as a test that the air safety system passed.

“The system has worked really very, very smoothly over the course of the past several days,” Janet Napolitano, the Homeland Security secretary said, in an interview on “This Week” on ABC. Robert Gibbs, the White House spokesman, used nearly the same language on “Face the Nation” on CBS, saying that “in many ways, this system has worked.”

But counterterrorism experts and members of Congress were hardly willing to praise what they said was a security system that had proved to be not nimble enough to respond to the ever-creative techniques devised by would-be terrorists.

It should be obvious that the limited resources for security need to be focused on where they will do the most good. The PC “random” search of innocent passengers should instead focus on individuals who put up red flags — like:  no luggage, paying cash for the ticket. If this closer check yields this additional red flags and suspecions — then the trained Professional security agents should be the ones to make the call about allowing this person to fly. Security that is in the background — lurking and hidden seems logically to be more of a threat than the current brand of “security”. The “randomness” of the current security TSA system in place  means any random nutjob psychopath can figure out how to game the system.

Someone with no luggage and paying cash for a ticket could very well be for legitimate reasons: death in family, shipwrecked, survivor of Tsunami or other natural disaster. But each of these cases would be considered on an individual bases — the security system needs to be flexible. As long a frail elderly individuals are “randomly”  subjected to the same invasive and abusive “security” searches and the REAL threats then the flying public isn’t safe.

Travel overseas is a hoot — because you get to see how other countries handle security. In the Caribbean I’ve witnessed some strange reactions to the American’s insistence on security. Even ferries between islands are supposed to have some sort of passenger screening methods. What some small Nations do is put white Americans only through the metal detection machines (which are often broken). The Americans feel “safer” and the rest of the Carib Nationals get to go through faster “security” lines. At other places the “security” consists of male security agents probing female passenger breasts with their “security” wand. The reaction of ALL the women passengers was the urge to slap the face of the Chauvinistic creep — each and every woman clinched her fist to keep herself from slugging the bastard doing to hard poking. Several women reported bruising from this “security” assault. (Place — Antigua) Even then some of the women felt “safer”. Perhaps these “security” agents will now be probing male’s genitals? What do we want to bet that these male “security” probes will be a tad more gentle?


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