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Democrats are as corrupt as their caucus rigging used to install obama in the white house

Hey 0bots — We will NEVER forget nor forgive what happened during the 2008 Primary elections and at the Dem Prez Convention.

Riverdaughter at the Confluence rips Jane Hamsher (FireDogLake) a new one in regards to Jane’s attempt at rewriting history. Riverdaughter’s biggest reason not to forget about the 2008 Primary Election, is that her state voted overwhelmingly for Clinton in the State’s Presidential Primary election. BUT at the Dem convention the then Governor of New Jersey gave ALL the state’s delegates to 0bama. (Note that this governor is history.) Also to understand more of the back story — Hamsher is now very unhappy with the 0bamcrats and their health care Bill. She has a KILL the BILL campaign. Where was she during the Primary season?

The proof of the Democrat caucus rigging can be found in two states: Washington and Texas. Both of these states had both caucuses and Primaries.

WASH State primary votes for BH Obama

Wash State primary votes for HR Clinton

State Caucus Delegates for BH Obama
WASH State caucus delegates (any published caucus vote total would be a joke)

State Caucus Delegates for HR Clinton

One of the major problems with the 2008 primary season was that the Democrat side was so corrupt and vile and the will of the voter was ignored and stomped on. In the next Dem primary anyone who goes up against 0bama or the one with the DNC backing will have to be twice as corrupt and vile — it will be the continuation of Chicago mob rules. Ironically in comparison the Republicans ran a relatively honest and open Primary where the best man of the field ended up the winner.

The reason why I personally will never forget nor forgive what happened in 2008 because of the corrupt Democrat caucus system in my state of Washington. I was an eye witness and the techniques used to “win” by camp 0bama was also used and documented in other caucus states.

It was the DEMOCRATS doing the dirty tricks against Democrats or shall we call them the 0bamacrats.

My Wish list for the new decade GET RID OF THE CAUCUS.

Perhaps at one time, long ago in another century, the Caucus system of choosing the Presidential candidate made sense. But today in the 21st Century it is just plain stupid.

Those of us who were Pro Clinton, watched how 0bama gamed the system in our state. Washington State is one of the Primary Season Caucus states. Except that we the voters wanted a Primary. But the Democrat party had been bought by camp 0bama so the non democratic Democrat party told the voters to go to hell — they were going to throw away our votes and depend on the highly corrupt Caucuses to “pick” their man.

My training is in Group Dynamics, which means that I’m a trained group facilitator and as part of the training we learned how to manipulate groups. Plus, I was raised in a fundamentalist church and there are so many ways that ministers use to manipulate the emotions of congregations. Since my personality is what is called — Participant Observer — there is always a part of me that is watching the process. I’ve also got a good dose of the skeptics gene and a wide streak of Independence. Ever since moving to Washington years ago I’ve gone to the Primary caucuses and often the off-year caucuses as well. I know the community, know the process and understand politics, Washington style.

A large chunk of Washington is rural — outside of the Metro Seattle area. In Eastern Washington there are large blocks of land and huge wheat fields with population densities along the Columbia River and in the Spokane area, near the Idaho boarder. The Rural areas tend to be more conservative and the Urban areas are a bit more liberal. Governors tend to be moderates of either party.

In the 1980s the Religious Right took over the GOP. There was an article in the PI (Post Intelligencer) explaining exactly how Leaders of the Religious right looked at both parties and decided that the GOP was the one most open for a take over. The RR used the caucuses to take over the Republican party on a grass root level, in one living room at a time. Many of the caucuses were so small that party regulars offers their homes as caucus locations.

The moderate and liberal Republicans were forced out of their party, some become Independents and others joined the Democrat party. At the time I was a member of the League of Women Voters, back when Democrats and Republicans were civil to each other. I remember that the women who were the back bone of the Republican party, the ones who ran the party headquarters and registered voters were tossed out of their jobs.

The Religious Right used guerilla tactics, and grass roots organizing and they had goals and objectives in mind when they staged the coup. Since I lived in rural Washington I knew many of the local members who took over the Republican Party. I know how to talk the talk and walk the walk (from my church years), so I interviewed some people I knew. It helped that the person doing work on my truck was part of the local RR because he loved to talk about the plans of the church leaders. The congregations had apparently been treated to the wild imaginations of their ministers on their plans for America. Among many of the Evangelicals there is a dream of turning the US into a Theocracy. Ironically their plans also include getting the damned women “under control” (as in limiting abortion and none of that female sex pleasure, junk either.) This is a subject for another day — but be aware that this returning women to their God decided role is part of this master plan.

Through the years since the takeover of the 80s the Religious Right/Republicans have gotten their people elected to the legislature. The State Senator from my district was one of the “clean up” crew who tried to dominate the legislative process. The RR Republicans also tried to take over local School Boards, and many in fact were taken over.

So this is one example of how caucuses can be used to take over a whole party, at least in Washington State.

As we moved into the New Year — 2008 the 0bama crusade spawned a lot of cult followers. These are what we call Obots. These cult members reminded me of the religious cults out soliciting funds and members for their Savior. The week before the caucuses the 0bots were standing on street corners and near ferry terminals waving signs for their Savior/candidate. Upon questioning it was apparent that not a single 0bot knew who he was or what he stood for. He was just so wonderful and everything anyone needed to know was on HIS website. Stupid girls were running after a stupid dick — again. At that point I had the feeling that the caucus had been bought by team 0bama. But I knew that our state was now supposed to choose the Presidential candidate in a primary. But the leaders of the Democrat party threw out our votes so the system was rigged. What happened in Washington was repeated throughout the whole primary season — rules changed to help 0bama, regardless of the will of the voters.

In Early February Hillary Clinton arrived in Seattle for a rally and there was some organizing at last from the Clinton team for the Washington caucus. But the Clinton side was completely unaware of that the caucus had already been bought and that the 0bama side would NOT be playing by the usual rules. I had volunteered to be a Caucus leader for Clinton, so I Clinton caucus instructions were emailed to me and I listened in on a conference call with additional instructions for a NORMAL predicted caucus. With this information I knew what the Clinton campaign was expecting, which was not to be blind sided by vote rigging and vote buying.

In previous years, not much money at all has been spent on the local rural caucus. The extent of pre-organization were hand lettered signs for the Candidates. Sometimes there have been funds for the printing of Candidates Manifesto or policy positions. A handful to a couple of dozen at most will show up for the caucuses. But when Wall Street/Health Insurance Company is funding one candidate’s campaign there is unlimited spending.

So on Caucus day we drove up to the GYM where the Precincts were holding a joint caucus and it looks like an 0bama rally. There were the professionally printed 0bama signs and placards and the pro-0bama gang had stickers on their collars. People signed in, there was no voter registration, just sloppy signatures. I wondered about the vans that were hidden in the back of the gym. I also noticed that a whole lot of people were not locals. In rural Washington we wear a sort of uniform, multi layer and of a certain style that is unmistakable. The non-locals tried to replicate this style — but their clothes were NEW, and still showed the out of package look. I mean that EVERYTHING the ringers were wearing was new. Some where wearing farm clothes warn by mid-westerners — but NOT worn in rural Washington. The 0bama gang was taking no chances in the outcome of this vote.

The first part of the caucus was in the auditorium/Gym and then the precincts separated into different class rooms. It was in the classrooms where the in-depth preparation for the caucus by gang 0bama could be seen. There were three trained “community organizers” using very specific techniques to trash Hillary Clinton in favor of their candidate. These three 0bama ringers with specialized training in group manipulation techniques were right there in my precinct, they were NOT locals. They were not standing together so as to appear not to be part of the same gang. One was standing next to the wall with his arms crossed (he had a backpack).

They tried to appear to be just part of the crowd and it was their plan to dominate and to spread misinformation about Clinton while using emotional tricks to turn people to vote for 0bama. These guys were slick and they learned their camp 0bama lessons very well. No one else noticed the way they were manipulating the discussion and the process. Why would anyone else, besides myself notice? I was the only trained (retired) professional in the room.

As a general rule people don’t notice this sort of manipulation — unless they are trained to use the same techniques. I was able to blocked many of their moves — because of my training and they knew that I had spotted them. A few others in the pro Clinton group noticed what I was doing and they started speaking up and citing facts about 0bama’s record. It was interesting that just one person (myself) could make a different and serve as a leader — by example. What I noticed was that the Pro Clinton side had made a rational and thoughtful choice in their selection of Candidates. They knew Clinton’s record and they knew 0bama’s record. Not a single pro-0bama speaker could tell us what 0bama stood for and what his record was. All they did was spend their 2 minutes to tell lies and call Clinton names. When I started to verbally object to the outright lies — others joined and challenged the lies.

The Dem precinct Captain was an 0bama girl, with her 0bama sticker and sign. I expect that she knew damned well that the room was at least 50% ringers for 0bama.

It was a foregone conclusion that Washington would go for 0bama. However since we also had a Primary vote it is very clear by the HUGE difference in the caucus numbers and the Primary numbers that the caucuses had been bought by team 0bama.

The fucking caucus is corrupt or can be corrupted by a corrupt candidate like 0bama.

No more. Caucus. EVER.

The proof of a corrupt Primary system can be found by comparing the caucus “vote” with the Primary votes — in which only registered voters were eligible to vote. In Texas Clinton WON the Primary and lost the caucus. Cheating? That’s the Chicago way. The Democrat way of doing business.


Edited to add the link to Pacific John’s account of the rigging of the caucus in Texas.
How Obama Rigged the Caucuses to Win the Nomination

There’s also a whole website devoted to the 2008 caucus fraud — I’ll add the link as soon as I find it.

This information needs to be kept on the record and eyewitnesses need to keep reporting our stories because we will never forget nor forgive.

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  1. I should add that I am on the record the DAY of the Washington Caucus — I blogged my experience and observation at the old Taylor Marsh blog before she stuck her head up her butt for 0bama.

    It didn’t take a degree to see how much harm 0bama was going to do — a whole lot of pro Clinton people at the caucus I attended used their common sense and they knew that if 0bama was elected that our country would be in deep do-do.

    In fact, for same people, a college degree seems to have prevented them from using common sense — or perhaps they missed out on the common sense gene or the hard knocks that the school of common sense requires.

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