Airport Security and the Penis rating game

“Are planned airport scanners just a scam?” reads the UK’s Independent online newspaper headline. There is talk of just targeting the profiled passengers for the full body x-ray scans — would that be the fundamentalists males who can’t or don’t relate to women and/or are known misogynistic individuals. Each of the suicide shooters and bombers targeting US citizens has had that misogynistic trait as discussed here and here.

What I see in the photograph of the male model in the x-ray machine is that the image also shows the length of the penis as viewed from the rear. No male reporter has mentioned that fact, although how the heck can that hanging detail be missed. While women don’t want our boobies and other bits exposed to satisfy the perverts, I wonder how men would feel to know that records were being kept on the length of and size etc of their most precious body part?  Will the public be conned into believing that no image of their body will be retained by the “discreet” scanners off in another location? How many people are really going to believe the same agency in the US government that is reading and saving our email and following ordinary citizens on social networking website, will delete X-rays of citizens. This is just one more bit of data for their records.

back view -- body scanner image cropped

Cropped version of rear view -- body scanner image

Here’s how the data collection would evolve: Gee I wonder how BIG and LONG that famous actor’s penis is? How does it compare with that other guy — what’s his name? OMG did you see how tiny XX penis is? Sort of looks like a short pencil. You get the drift — soon there will be trading cards of private bits of famous people.  Compare, share and measure. With the twittering and face books and so much interest in the rich and famous it is so easy to see the logical sequence unfold. It’s obvious that a whole lot of people do NOT have a life of their own.

Stuff like that happens in the real world. Dixie Lee Ray was a Governor of Washington State way back in the last century. When she died the coroner kept photos of her nude body.

Plaintiffs claimed that employees of the medical examiner’s office kept scrapbooks of autopsy photographs, showing them at cocktail parties, displaying them to coworkers and using them in road safety classes without permission from decedents’ families.

. . .

The state Supreme Court in Olympia for the first time explicitly recognized the existence of a tort cause of action for invasion of privacy in early September, in an appeal brought by relatives of descendents whose autopsy photographs were allegedly misappropriated and displayed by employees of a county medical examiner’s office.

She was dead but her family was alive. When you hear enough stories like this and knowing how much money people will pay for any sort of private information about the rich and famous — it is stupid and naive to believe that the images will be discarded. Some of those images will be worth a lot of money to some freaks.

Back to the body scanners being a scam. Of course they are — they will only be used to make a few people feel “safer”. There is no new security afforded the flying public through the use of these machines. The only safety will come from real people doing real work to make sure that the KNOWN bad guys are identified and are on a verified and updated list. The no-fly list should never be used for political purposes — but it has been and probably still is being used to harass anyone who might disagree politically with politicians. If that list can not distinguish between legitimate free speech and individuals who want to murder others because of their religious fundamentalist views — our security issues are far worse than throwing money away for expensive x-ray machine can fix. Which is sort of the point we are at right now. The real bad guy the Crotch bomber was left off the list while the innocent child is left on the list.

While the scanners might be able to recognize the weapons of choice of the last group of bad guys — there is no guarantee that even the newest ones will be able to keep up with the evolving sneaky tricks of the bad guys.


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