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Is the threat of Terrorism being used to control us?

More questions are emerging as more investigative reporters, bloggers and Opinion Columnists stop and take a long rational, common sense look at the attempted Terrorist attack of the Crotchbomber.

First I found a blog that has calculated the odds of being a victim of someone like the failed crotchbomber or the failed shoe bomber or the creeps involved in the September 11, ’01 attacks on the East Coast of the US.

I’ll give the numbers rounded off — just the numbers. But please click on the link to see the graphics and the way these numbers were calculated. It helps to understand the statistical reasoning process behind the numbers.

The True Odds of Airborne Terror (Chart).

Odds of being a terrorism victim in a flight: ONE in 10,408,947
Odds of being killed by lightning: ONE in 500,000

The next piece of information in this chain of logic to suggest an answer to headline of this article is the Leaked Homeland Security Post Crotchbomber NEW security rules. Please go and read the whole memo from Homeland Security. If this is a fake — it is a good one, because it is exactly how we expect the politicians to react — they want to put on a good show. 0bama got his September 11 on as a Christmas Present without any loss of life!

Snips of the leaked memo:

Transportation Security Administration
Aviation Security Directive
Subject: Security Directive
Number: SD 1544-09-06
Date: December 25, 2009
EXPIRATION: 0200Z on December 30, 2009
This Security Directive (SD) must be implemented immediately. The measures contained in this SD are in addition to all other SDs currently in effect for your operations.
INFORMATION: On December 25, 2009, a terrorist attack was attempted against a flight traveling to the United States. TSA has identified security measures to be implemented by airports, aircraft operators, and foreign air carriers to mitigate potential threats to flights.

. . .


1. The aircraft operator or authorized air carrier representative must ensure all passengers are screened at the boarding gate during the boarding process using the following procedures. These procedures are in addition to the screening of all passengers at the screening checkpoint.
1. Perform thorough pat-down of all passengers at boarding gate prior to boarding, concentrating on upper legs and torso.
2. Physically inspect 100 percent of all passenger accessible property at the boarding gate prior to boarding, with focus on syringes being transported along with powders and/or liquids.
3. Ensure the liquids, aerosols, and gels restrictions are strictly adhered to in accordance with SD 1544-06-02E.
2. During the boarding process, the air carrier may exempt passengers who are Heads of State or Heads of Government from the measures outlined in Section I.A. of this SD, including the following who are traveling with the Head of State or Head of Government:

[exempt from searches: Presidents from foreign States and Kings and Queens (Saudi King ring any bells?)]

. . . . .


1. During flight, the aircraft operator must ensure that the following procedures are followed:
1. Passengers must remain in seats beginning 1 hour prior to arrival at destination.
2. Passenger access to carry-on baggage is prohibited beginning 1 hour prior to arrival at destination.
3. Disable aircraft-integrated passenger communications systems and services (phone, internet access services, live television programming, global positioning systems) prior to boarding and during all phases of flight.
4. While over U.S. airspace, flight crew may not make any announcement to passengers concerning flight path or position over cities or landmarks.
5. Passengers may not have any blankets, pillows, or personal belongings on the lap beginning 1 hour prior to arrival at destination.

Again in my opinion this is being done for show. The true motive for this show is currently unknown — but that shouldn’t stop us from speculating.


Next comments  from several sources.

There the hidden link between all the terrorists and would be terrorists seems to be SEX — or lack of sex and a deep hatred of these men for women (they are misogynist).  I am relieved that others also see this link — but this really needs to be discussed more openly.

Sexual Frustration and the Crotchbomber

The Affluent Terrorist


“The excessive barriers against early marriage—let alone the possibility of young men and women mingling together—are obstacles that Muslim men articulate with such frequency that they’ve almost become a leitmotif in recent Islamic literature.”

After the September 11, 2001 terrorism a reporter went to Egypt where some of the terrorists came from and spent some time interviewing and listening to men with similar backgrounds. These were educated men with basically no where to go or use their education and that sex thing — inability to find a woman — was the underlying theme of that article. I don’t know if I can find the same article, so Larson’s article will have to do for the time.

Then Jeralyn at the TalkLeft blog has an interesting article about taking another look at the failed suicide bombing of the Saudi Prince. At the time it was assumed that the bomber had the bomb up his anus. But now the theory is that this was another crotchbomber (the explosive material sewed into his underwear).

Other bloggers are questioning some of the conflicting details that are emerging in the Crotch Bomber case. Cannon fire http://cannonfire.blogspot.com/ lists 10 strange things about the Crotch Bomber story. He lists many of the questions I have but he also adds a 10th one that I certainly hadn’t considered. WHO runs the security at the airports — what security company? The Black Agenda Report also has some valid questions about why this Crotch bombers was allowed to get as far as he did. I was thinking that the Crotch bomber was a patsy for the bad guys living in caves in some remote location. But the Black Agenda Report suggest an alternative scenario.

A UK online newspaper the Independent is running an article called: “Are Planned Airport Scanners just a Scam”.


Fear and Dignity

Is the Title of a blog post at clarissasbox and she relates her experience as a traveler being put through a questioning process whenever she travels between the US and Canada. She is a peace loving Academic and the current “security” apparatus of both countries apparently cannot distinguish between peaceful, non threatening individuals and the ones like the Crotchbomber. I’ve talked to many Canadian Academics who have gone through the same process. The simple fact that they do research (for instance on marine creatures) or write books is enough to get them pulled out of a line and made to undergo a long questioning process. These folks are geeks — who spend their lives in libraries and lecture halls with occasional research trips on obscure topics. Perhaps the TSA is filled with so many uneducated, tabloid reading people that they see anyone who is different from themselves as being a suspicious person.

Clarissasbox asks more questions and makes some observations. She knows that when she crosses the US-Canadian boarder she will be stopped and interviewed. Feminists who can think for themselves are apparently dangerous people. Which is part of the problem with that no-fly list — there are too many wrongfully target individuals and security resources are being not spent wisely. Why are resources being wasted on this person?

” For years we have been taking off our shoes, going through explosive-testing cameras, enduring endless lines in the airports, and undergoing searches and questioning. And none of it works.”

She has also followed the logical — what next — progression and has concluded that the Security folk want travelers stark naked and to be subjected to a full body (prison type) search.

Microchips and the next step in “true” security.

Right now animals are regularly microchipped (domestic animals mostly). To read the chip the scanner needs to hover just over the spot so that the chip’s numbers are displayed. But as nano technology progresses much more information can be encoded on these chips. My pets are microchipped for International travel and it is almost a uniform requirement that animals must be microchipped before they are allowed entry into foreign countries — along with Vet Checks and health records. Actually pets require MORE documentation than do human — which is a very interesting human & animal comparison. Hummm animals being used as stand-ins for humans to study Permanent microchips for humans — no that would NEVER happen — too SciFi. Never mind.

Times Online (another UK publication) has an interesting background story about the Crotch Bomber.

Nigerian has at least two security agencies and apparently they don’t share information with each other. Also there is the world-wide problem of drug smuggling and drug trafficking as well as the terrorist like the Crotchbomber. Two different profiles. Perhaps the answer is to legalize drugs, regulate the whole BUSINESS and then tax the hell out of it and let security concentrate on potential REAL terrorists?

Prediction for the next year/decade

This is one of my technology predictions — that by the end of this year there will be a serious push for all travelers to have microchips inserted somewhere deep in a muscle. [This is news of the last decade, 2004, the FDA approves microchips for humans.]

It is revealing to read the comments posted by frightened Authoritarian Personalities at the end of articles about increased passenger screening. Some individuals are ready for the full body search — spread wide and probe type PRISON searches in order to feel “safe”.

The True Odds of Airborne Terror (Chart).

Odds of being a terrorism victim in a flight: ONE in 10,408,947
Odds of being killed by lightning: ONE in 500,000

Could it be that we are being manipulated emotionally?? It worked for the GWB gang.


UPDATE — Is comment Astro Tuffering happening — I have seen almost identical comments on blogs and in comments after news reports and articles to the one below.


I don’t see what is so wrong with the government trying to make people feel safer. That’s all this is, controlled chaos. If it makes some people feel better about flying and feel safer than it’s fine with me. So f-ing what security lines will be longer. Deal with it, flying is a privilege not a right. No one thinks this is actually preventing something, but hell if it does GREAT, if it doesn’t no one will be surprised. What’s the big deal here?

[the bold sentence was added by me to highlight the astroturfed comment — flying is a privilege not a right — that I’ve seen repeatedly.

Here’s a common sense response to the emotional outrage response above:

@R_Claw: If it makes some people feel better about flying and feel safer than it’s fine with me.

The flip side is that it immiserates millions of other people and literally costs tens of billions of dollars a year in both actual costs and lost productivity.


Blue Lyon (link in blog roll at right) has a quote up about Glenn Greenwald. He is following the logical sequence and  came up with this essay: The degrading effects fears.

. . . [T]he citizenry screams out every time something threatening happens:  please, take more of our privacy away; monitor more of our communications; ban more of us from flying; engage in rituals to create the illusion of Strength; imprison more people without charges; take more and more control and power so you can Keep Us Safe.

This is what inevitably happens to a citizenry that is fed a steady diet of fear and terror for years.

What is happening is called Learned Helplessness as found in every single entry-level Psychology textbook.

Greenwald had a link to another Op-Ed columnist, David Brooks, who write:

After Sept. 11, we Americans indulged our faith in the god of technocracy. We expanded the country’s information-gathering capacities so that the National Security Agency alone now gathers four times more data each day than is contained in the Library of Congress.

We set up protocols to convert that information into a form that can be processed by computers and bureaucracies. We linked agencies and created new offices. We set up a centralized focal point, the National Counterterrorism Center.

When there is too much information and too few people to use common sense to review the information — even if relevant information about the identity of a potential suicide bomber is in the massive database — this information will be missed.This seems obvious. Also there is that SEX thing again — the US Government needs translators but some of the translators are GASP Gay — can’t have that — no way. Fire the Gay translators. Story from 2002-the Bush years – 9 are fired (actually the number is higher — 37). Story firing the first Gay — from 2009-the 0bama gang. (Be warned — this is a Huff-poo link.)


Note: I’m writing these articles mostly for myself. I’ve always been a researcher and people watcher/observer and blogging is a great way to collect my research and the patterns I see as I follow leads and links. A lot of people are just now seeing 0bama as a fraud and a con man. I saw that he was a slick empty suit probably the first time I saw him speak on TV from the Democratic convention in 2004. It was obvious to me that 0bama was in love with himself and the sound of his own voice. He was also parroting the style of Evangelistic preachers — and that always is a bad sign in my book.

Government = politics = Manipulation = Power = Control of Information = Controlling the Message = Controlling the Messenger.

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