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Strange new world – 0 – world

In the beginning there was the world. Then there were people who are social animals. Travel is was fast before a tiny group of backward, self-important men decided to make the modern world into their image. This tiny group of primitive backward men are proud misogynists — so they are endless pleased that the western world is harassing little old ladies. Yep — this is another observation that the “new” air travel security measures are a step backwards in time.

The stories about Security people harassing little old ladies — really happens. Most of the real life stories don’t make it into the news. But if you happen to be one of the leading gossip icons like Joan Rivers, then if she gets tagged as a suspicious person there is NO real security for anyone. If the security net stops and harasses little old ladies like Ms. Rivers  then we are all suspects and there is no way in hell that the next Crotchbomber will be caught. It will be up to the passengers and the flight attendant to stop the next guy from succeeding. AND we also know for certain that the next guy will try something different. This is what these jerks do — spend a lot of time gaming the system and figuring out a new or novel way to cause maximum grief to the flying public. I trust my fellow passengers to stop the next guy in the unlikely event that I happen to be on the same airplane which is highly unlikely — the odds are about 10 Million to 1 that happening on the plane you are flying.

So this 71-year-old woman who we know as Joan Rivers presented her passport and because she had her legal name (her late husband’s last name) as well as her business name — a.k.a. Joan Rivers on her passport the agent at the gate refused to allow Ms. Rivers to board the plane. To hell with the fact that the plane ticket was paid for — screw the flying public. How dumb can these people be? Rivers was trying to fly from Costa Rica to Newark, N.W. on Continental Airlines.

“Rivers’ tale of woe put a famous face on travel’s new reality – one that leaves many feeling like common criminals.”

The “security” person refused to budge and eventually Rivers got a ride to another, larger airport, where she could get a flight the hell out of that country. Rivers thought about trying to bribe this person, but she only had $100 cash and no credit card for the ATM machine. Funny line, Joan, but then third world countries have their own rules, don’t they?

The terrorists win again when little old ladies are classified as terrorists and refused a boarding pass — we sure as hell aren’t living in the same old world. Praise the dogs — CHANGE has arrived. (But NOT the change that the 0bots were promising.) Buy a ticket to fly and join the ranks of the common criminals.

(The two paragraphs below were added to show that the lack of common sense by “security” tends to be wide spread in the harassment of the elderly.)

It would seem that elderly old women are a special target of the bullies of the TSA. Susan Estrich relates her  experience with the “new” security while in line waiting for an elderly woman woman struggled with the clasp of her bracelet. The poor dear tried and tried to unhook her bracelet, because she didn’t want the “extra special attention of the TSA.” A younger women who was standing in line stepped up and unhooked the bracelet for the dear old woman. (This could almost be described as a case of THEM against US.) Estrich closes her essay with these thoughts:

“We can do everything reasonable to provide the security and stability that may reduce the attractions of radical ideology. But where it has already taken root, our only option is to root it out and destroy the threat. We will not do so successfully if we’re all wasting our time fidgeting with the clasp of an antique gold bracelet.”

Security Issues

Larry Johnson of No Quarter has an article about the CIA and the suicide attack on a forward base in Afghanistan. Unfortunately, I can’t get past the first few paragraphs before that website crashes my browser. There is one other website that also crashes my Mozilla ‘Firefox — the Daily Beast. Since Larry Johnson is an ex-CIA type person — he probably has some useful insight into the current state of International terrorism and security issues.

0bama gave read a speech yesterday on security. Yawn. I’ll wait to see the results — will the innocent people on the no fly list be removed? Or will MORE names be added on a seemingly random bases — oh my god three letters in your name matches a known bad guy (who made a speech against Bush 0bama whoever, or wrote a book, or took a photo of the Queen of England.)

Problem is that 0bama was too lazy to call a meeting of his committee when he was a Senator — he could have gotten some education and experience and background information about NATO and Afghanistan and other current security topics. Now the fool is getting on the job training.

Effigy* Crimes

The jerks who were involved in hanging the effigy* of 0bama in front of Jimmy Carter’s building in Georgia should be caught and made to face the consequences of their actions. I am as outraged about their behavior as I was when I learned that Sarah Palin’s image had been hung in effigy. But in Palin’s case — the outrage done to her was ignored by the police and the Secret Service because she is a WOMAN — and the attitude is that symbolically killing women is no big deal, apparently. To me what was done to the Palin effigy and to the 0bama effigy are hate crimes. 0bama’s effigy was immediately removed — and Palin’s was allowed to hang for many days. Wonderful message to little girls — you sack of shit male chauvinist pigs.


Misogynist is alive and well in the USA. Neither effigy hanging is acceptable behavior in this century — both are wrong and this sort of thing should be discouraged as hate crimes.

*effigy = a crude representation of someone disliked, used for purposes of ridicule.

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