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Blogs are changing the way news is reported at the same time the US corporate news media seems to be more interested in Entertainment rather that reporting the news. One of the things that some blog reporters are very good at is digging deeper into a story and using several sources to give us a fresh angle to a story that might get only 30 seconds of coverage in the Entertainment-News media.

These are a few of the blog reported stories that caught my attention:

Purity Balls for young women and their FATHERS. The news media sort of whispers about these balls, which are part of a right religious program, to preach the doctrine of virginity until marriage. Sex only in the context of marriage (and then for some only to produce babies). Exchanging chastity rings with fathers — and the rest of the ritual is so creepy in an unspoken way that reminds us of ownership of a prized animal and not a human being.

The image of these young women dressed in a similar sort of white uniform/dress for their “Purity” Ball looks so similar to the way so many Islāmic women dress in black head to foot (plus gloves) uniforms.

Why is it that all the dominate fundamentalists religions of the world have as their main aim the control and/or domination of women?

Afghan Women Choose Suicide Over Facing Continued Violence. This source for this blog entry is a story out of Canada not the US. We know that with the invasion and bombing of Afghanistan by Western powers that life for Afghan women has gotten much worse. (Ironically, before the invasion one of the REASONS for the invasion was the horrendous life of most Afgah women.) This is also what happened in Iraq, women and children have been the major losers in these two wars.Uppity Woman’s blog has a photo series showing the execution of women by the Taliban. These photos taken by a news photographer who accompanied Obama on his world tour before his coronation at the Democratic Convention in 2008.  Obama was in Afghanistan when this happened and he never acknowledged that he was aware of the horrendous plight of women in this part of the world. Frankly he seems unaware, and obviously his wife is too interested in her new career as fashion Diva to be bothered with “others”.

Child Sacrifice TODAY in Uganda

Anyone remember the Biblical story of Abraham ordered by his god to sacrifice his only son? That was as ancient story of humans froma different era. We assume that certainly in this era of world-wide communication and modern technological marvels like computers and cell phones and CARS and airplanes, that child sacrifice (murder) is uniformly condemned world-wide.

Not so. Here is a story of adults murdering children. A story reported on the BBC website is about the modern practice of in Uganda of sacrificing children and babies. Witch-doctors reveal extent of child sacrifice in Uganda. Lately I’ve been looking for news from Uganda because of the law due to go into effect shortly targeting homosexuals and anyone who suspects or knows homosexuals. This law apparently is the result of the influence of the US right wing missionaries, the ones who are teaching that homosexuality is a choice — a “life style”.That’s how I stumbled on this horrific story of children being sacrificed (murdered) by adults in rituals.

The Ugandan government told us [the investigators] that human sacrifice is on the increase, and according to the head of the country’s Anti-Human Sacrifice Taskforce the crime is directly linked to rising levels of development and prosperity, and an increasing belief that witchcraft can help people get rich quickly.

So it is to a profoundly primitive African country Uganda that the US missionaries transplant their equally primitive form of “Christian” belief about homosexuals. How could these missionaries not know that the Ugandan converts follow through with these Christian teaching? That these Christian converts would seek to begin a witch hunt to “protect the children”.

Yet at the same time child sacrifice in Uganda is increasing. The justification actual child sacrifice is  to feed the “spirits” and increase the wealth propriety  of presumably heterosexual people.

Meanwhile for the alleged crime of turning children into homosexuals or forcing children into the homo lifestyle — people will be hunted, harassed and in some cases murdered.

These stories sort of, kind of — in a strange way– flow into the terrorism story and then make us think of the dark side of human nature. Some call this the Shadow self. That creep we call the Crotch bomber — bungled it and the quick actions of the passengers and flight attendants saved the day. No one died. However, as a result of his actions, millions of airline passengers will now all uniformly be treated as common criminals simply because they buy an airline ticket. (Thanks in part to the “buck stops here” 0bama’s — super concern about “security”.)

YET the US is allowing the exporting of religious hate which can be used by others to harm and even kill people who are different. Is this not terrorism? Women in Afghanistan feel that the only escape from violence is to kill themselves. Their last act is one of defiance against a culture that condones violence and hatred of women but killing themselves — and not allowing their bodies  used as object of hatred. What a great message for the young girls of Afghanistan. NOT.

End of this topic for a long time. It is too damned depressing. When misogyny is the cultural norm — what does that say about that culture?

Is the world gearing up for another round of unHoly holy wars? See the background notes below.  The Islamic extreme fanatics are exporting their lunatics as Shoe bombers and Crotch bombers which creates the knee jerk reaction for travelers.

Then the US is exporting (or sharing) religious fanatics with Africa. Let us not forget that WOMEN of the US will be dealing with the relgious right attempted take over of womens bodies  if the current Health Insurance BILL is signed by the Reverend 0bama. There was a reason that the founding FATHERS of the United States put up a wall between the Church and State, forbidding a STATE religion.


Back to the study of animal behavior — and the promised review of a book called: Alex & Me.


Background Notes:

Uganda hate law against homosexuals:

Remember: this is not a debate about the rights and wrongs of homosexuality in the eyes of the public. This is a debate about a proposed law that would permit the Ugandan state to execute any gay or lesbian person if they repeatedly engage in same-sex sexual relationships. Homosexuality has always been illegal in Uganda. This new law will increase the penalties for homosexuality to include judicial killing.

A Gay Witch hunt in Uganda

The left-wing American think-tank PRA has just published a report on the activities of the rightwing American thinktank The Institute for Religion and Democracy, which has for much of the last 10 years been successfully recruiting homophobic African Christians to the civil wars within American protestantism which have tended to concentrate on equal rights for gays.


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