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China’s love of the male child means no wife for a whole lot of men

Who could have guessed that if family planning consisted of choosing more (100/119) male babies that one day 24 million adult men would remain forever bachelors?  China has a one child policy, which was imposed to manage population growth. This huge male/female imbalance is the direct result of culture that over values male offspring and holds females a less desirable to carry on the “family” name.

Technology was used to determine the gender of the baby and if female the fetuses were aborted in significant numbers.  This outcome is not at all surprising to anyone with common sense. The communist government could have pushed for changes in inheritance and in practice of “carrying on the family name” — making no difference between male and female offspring. But misogyny & patriarchy are so entrenched in their culture that the intrusive communists ignored the obvious gender imbalance.

The temporary cure is for Chinese women to take two or more husbands. But that common sense solution will probably never happen — in China that would probably mean just a bunch of lazy men who have been spoiled rotten as the only MALE child in this one child per family nation.

Misogyny marches on — Hillary Clinton made her famous speech about Women’s rights equal Human right in China in the mid 1990s. I’ll bet Hillary did the math and knew that Chinese leaders of this era would be admitting that millions of men would not be leaving an heir, and their parents would never be grandparents.

Since today Chinese women have more choice in who they marry, perhaps they will chose wisely and help change the way their culture values male over female babies.

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