Liars in Plain sight

More thoughts on the “Making People Naked” Machines and the power of fear.

Sometimes the lies are so obvious they are easy to miss.

It takes a lot of lying by “authorities” to force the flying public to passively spread their legs and raise their hands over their heads, just like convicted criminals. People will stand literally exposed in these machines, so that they can be seen naked by some half witted pervert in a room full of half witted perverts. The LIE is that we are told that no copies will be made of nude images of ourselves.

The lie we are expected to believe is that images can’t or won’t be saved. Meanwhile we are shown saved photos that these liars produce to show how effective these machines are.

The saved images of the models are the “sanitized” images. According to the Australian account the actual image that the perverts will be viewing are much more revealing: “New ‘strip search’ full body scanners being trialled in Australia will show people’s private parts, officials have admitted.”

IF it is so easy to produce PR images of these machines then it will be just as easy to retain the photos. The perverts will get bored after looking at nude bodies all day — but not that bored that they can’t dial up the clear view of the naked bodies.

From past experience with the way this government keeps data on citizens, the truth is that these images will be used. It is an easy matter to put a scanning code on the boarding passes so that images can be matched with individuals and send to the central government databanks.

Bottom line is that the terrorists have won again.

They don’t have to kill a single person; all that is necessary is to create a huge bluff in the way the threat is presented. The threat that the “bomb” could have gone off is enough of a threat to terrorize America again into over reacting.

The fear response is a very primitive survival mechanism. Generally the fear response is to either run away from danger (predator or other instantly recognized threat) or to stand and fight. Fear response = Fight or Flight. In the Case of America the response of Politicians to a threat seems to be — punish the citizens even more to make us even more passive. We are almost getting into an area of Learned Helplessness.

Learned Helplessness was first observed in laboratory animals who had been exposed to repeated shocks, with no way for the animals to escape from the shocks. In the next set of tests using the same rats, identical shock sequence and intensity; however, this time the rat could escape. But the rat just sat there and was repeatedly shocked. The behavior that the experimenters were looking for didn’t happen, but what they found came to be called “Learned Helplessness”. Rather than throw out these series of experiments the researchers asked the question WHY didn’t the rat escape when escape was clearly possible? Many different species have been used to replicate the Learned Helplessness effect.

Humans have shown the effects of learned helplessness. If there is no way of escape and the shocks keep coming then the victim won’t escape even if a way of escape is available. However, when the victims are taught how to escape, then the learned helplessness effect can be nullified.

Dogs are shocked repeatedly until they won’t move even with an obvious escape. If these dogs are dragged repeatedly away from the shock and to an escape pad, up to 50 times — THEN the dog will unlearn — learned helplessness.

It is almost as if we are watching a psychological experiment on a massive scale. The American citizen is given one shock after another and asked to give up one more of our Constitutional rights (one what we assumed were Constitutional based rights). To many people it probably seems like there is no escape, so they learn to passively accept the shocks. Most people feel that they can neither fight nor flee the country (or their tormentors) and so they become passive like the lab animals used in thousands of psychology experiments. Our tormentors are turning out to be our own Government and the people we put in office to represent us.

Fear is a powerful weapon, and under the influence of fear people can make irrational choices. Fear can make people accept their government making them literally naked, exposing them, and allowing photos to be taken of their naked body. Fear can make people believe the lies their government tells them, that these photos won’t be kept. Fear is more powerful than bullets and bombs. Fear can make a whole nation surrender to a band of guerrillas, hiding in caves.

As Jay McDonough


OK, how about this?  While we’re all scrambling to install airport screening machines that can spot what you ate yesterday for lunch, what’s to prevent some crazed suicide bomber from just walking up and standing in the line before security and blowing himself and a couple hundred other people up?  What happens then?  Would we begin checking every person entering the airport?  What about train stations?  Shopping malls?  Football stadiums?

Jay McDonough also makes the following observations about the success of the Crotchbomb’s Christmas gift to America:
Najwa bin Laden, Osama’s son, claims his father wants to “destroy America from within”.  If the hysterical reaction by Republicans to some rich Nigerian kid’s setting his unit on fire over Detroit is any indication, Osama is doing a damn fine job.
. . .


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