Haiti needs help. Earthquakes are one of the most devastating natural disasters — they hit without warning and although the duration is short, the resulting damage is long-lasting. Haiti got hit bay a massive earthquake which was shallow and very close to the population center and capital.

The BBC has posted an article with charts and maps showing the geography of the region.

Violet Socks, at the Reclusive Leftist, reviews Haiti’s history and in the process she exposes the Pat Robertsons of this world for the arrogant bastards that they are. It has been years since I’ve done any reading about Haiti’s history so reading Violet Socks’ blog is time well spent. Haiti’s history helps us understand why Haiti is so poor, and why we all need to share what we can with fellow humans in need.

WordPress.com home page has suggestions of where money etc. to Haiti can be sent. Remember that the creeps crawl out of the woodwork and that no all donation sites are the same. Do some research and find one that will make the best use of your money.


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