0bots smell blood in the water


Nearly all the blogs that just one year ago were adoring their newest love object — and patting themselves on the back for getting the most brilliant person EVER elected as President are TODAY going ape sh*t in denouncing 0bama.

A year ago those of us who were warning that 0bama was going to be the biggest failure EVER — were called every name in the book — from racist to stupid as well as every misogynistic name ever invented by man. (Even the guys who could see today coming were called misogynistic names!)

I’ve taken a screen shot of this memeorandum! It is a keeper.

A few choice titles:

Obama’s Self-Inflicted Lobotomy Proceeds Apace

Flashback: 0bama Ridicules McCain’s Call for Spending Freeze

President Obama’s spending freeze two step

It’s Official: Obama is an idiot

Barack Herbert Hoover Obama?

Obama Liquidates Himself

Sen. John McCain Backs President Obama’s Proposed Budget Freeze

Obama’s Credibility Gap


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