iPad is here!!

Yep the long awaited Apple iphone big brother was unveiled.


The first thing that crossed my mind was that the boys at Apple never bothered to ask women what they thought of the new name of the newest Apple toy.

What the hell were these men thinking — did you jerks bother to ask one woman what she thought of that stupid name?

Now I know I’m going to ask for Amazon’s reader Kindle for my birthday.

It turns out that I’m not the only woman who finds the iPad a very funny name.

There are reviews up — this iPad was certainly a guy’s invention — it can’t multi task. No provision for two windows or tasks open at the same time. The price is not too bad — $499 for the entry level (just enough brain power to run the basics).

Next time ASK THE WOMEN — about the name. The guys don’t get it — they reviewed the iPad without any awareness of the OTHER meaning of PAD.

Does this iPad come with WINGS?


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