The SOU speech — HE didnt mean it

0bama likes lobbyists better

Last night a lot of people got rather drunk watching the State of the Union Just Words Speech.

It has become a tradition to live blog BIG speeches. This was started during the GWB era. Every time GW Bush would repeat one of his favorite words or phrases Bloggers would respond by sipping a beverage of choice. It was an easy way to get drunk fast, because GWB had his comfort words that he loved to use in speeches.

With 0bama/Bush III  giving the SOU the sipping words were chosen and it didn’t take long for the effects of alcohol to show up on the blogs in hilarious misspellings and backassward phrases.

I’ve not listened to the blathering of any SOU (State of the dis-Union) speech for years, knowing that anything of significance said by the president will be faithfully reported. in real time by bloggers.  Mrs. 0bama was reported to have a sour angry look whenever the cameras were on her. She must be a very unhappy angry person – bless her poor little soul. Since no one mentioned anything about what she was wearing — could it be that she is taking advice about her poor choices?

So now the morning after and apparently 0bama has sobered up after all his narcissistic blathering and he realized he had better shore up his buddies the lobbyists with some of his words.

The headline: After 0bama rips lobbyists, K St. insiders get private briefings

0bama is never going to change, someone will write a speech and he will READ whatever is written and the words have no meaning for 0bama. He is a liar and a con man and that is all he can ever be. He is a product, a brand with NO core values. That is all he can ever be.


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