What we can learn from Haiti

As the extent of the crisis in Haiti unfolds we are learning about the screwed up internal workings of the Patriarchy. One day the world’s energy may be rebalanced – into the yin/yang or the positive/negative or male/female plus a whole lot of the neutral gray.

In Haiti the UN finally figured out how to solve the chaos of food delivery, give WOMEN the food coupons. Why on earth didn’t they start this at the very beginning? It is obvious that the strongest (men) will muscle their way to the front and grab the food, caring not a whit about anyone else. Which is why the young men are sent off to fight wars, after first being taught how to follow orders and work together. (Story is found on Yahoo.com and other news sources.)

The other crisis we see unfolding is that the medical evacuations from Haiti to the US have been suspended, because the medical crisis in the US is completely out of control. The world must know by now that the US medical delivery system is close to a system failure. Victims of the Haiti earthquake are refused admittance to US hospitals because of the questions of payment. Send the money “over there” but let’s not clutter up US hospitals with “those” victims. But then many hospitals have that attitude about “certain” segments of the US population. For example hospitals in LA and in Chicago have been known to “dump” unwanted patients. Seems like Mrs. 0bama was involved in “redirecting” patients from the hospital where she pulled over ½ million $ salary. Mrs. 0 is certainly could a poster child for everything that is wrong with the US medical care system. (Pay the directors huge salaries deny health care insurance to anyone but the healthiest of the population, increase out of pocket payments for every service possible. The US ends up with the most costly per person health care in the world and with millions without health care insurance.)

The earthquake has created orphans. For some people the thought of unloved and uncared for orphans creates the perfect conditions for the deletion of common sense. Most people who travel outside of the boarders of the US realize that immigration officials just love paperwork. Whenever you cross boarders the first thing the guys want to see is your “papers’ or passport. There is a universal personality type manning the boarders –authoritarian, rigid, and mostly unpleasant little men (and a few women). But knowledge of the real world and going through government channels didn’t get in the way of some god fearing missionaries from Idaho. This group of church folk from Idaho managed to get into Haiti and load up vans with orphan but the very first boarder they crossed (Dominican Republic) provided them with the shock that not everyone is listening to the same god. (Story of Idaho church group and Haiti orphans found on Yahoo.com and other news sources.)

How did this group select the orphans and how did they determine that these children had no relatives or anyone? It would be interesting to know exactly what they did while they were in Haiti; did they have contacts in Haiti before they left Idaho? In this case the immigration authorities were doing their job.

There is a hypothetical question I’ve been asked, which do I fear most – hurricane, earthquake or volcano? After having been through all three and watching the US respond to these three types of disasters – the earthquake seems the worst. With the hurricane and volcano, there is some warning or perhaps over warning. But at present there is no real way to predict where and when a major earthquake will strike.

GW Bush wasn’t prepared to be a leader when hurricane Katrina hit New Orleans and surrounding areas. It is apparent that under BH 0bama’s watch we are seeing another leadership vacuumed.  What happens when the next disaster hits the US? I don’t feel very encouraged. The current Triage of first determining if the patient can pay and then find out from a NON medical person associated with Ribbons and Bows Health insurance IF the ER care is covered under subsection xyz.333 – is so primitive and third world. It might be kinder if the unapproved patients were put in a termination room with a choice of the red or green pills.

America is Haiti, with the men forcing their way to the front of the line and women and children get the leftovers. We see this happening in Congress, men dominate here and the few women who mange to be admitted, had better learn to behave themselves and follow the male determined rules. We watched a chaotic mess of a health insurance bill classify being female as a pre-existing condition and thus instantly raising the insurance rates for half of the population that can afford insurance. This men’s health care insurance was another example of males forcing their way to the front of the line – with the complete disregard for the well being of women and children. Women make about 75 cents to men’s one dollar and that wage gap hasn’t changed much in decades, yet women are increasingly a huge part of the workforce and often the sole support of their families.

But America is not yet Haiti, America’s poor are better off than the dirt poor of Haiti. If American continues down the current path – Haiti of today could be America’s future.


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