Census the way it really is


This link above is to a skit from Saturday night LIVE with the beloved Betty White (of Golden Girls fame).

My complaint with the census is that the US Government continues the cover-up of the Government’s role in the genocide of Native Americans and refusal to admit that America’s major ethnic group is really mix race or melting pot mutts.

I exist today because my ancestors survived the death march called the Trail of Tears. My Great-great grandmother, a Cherokee, was born in Missouri to survivors of the  Andrew Jackson death march. She married a half Scottish half DAR descendant.  She chose to hide her Indian pedigree because during that era, “the only good Indian is a dead Indian” was the dominate view of the white Christian Americans. But she did pass down to her descendants a healthy dislike of Andrew Jackson (snake in the grass) and the remembrance of the Trail of Tears. There are also two other female ancestors on my pedigree who are highly likely to be Indians. Either that or one of my male ancestors managed to have eight children without a human female.

It was very common to migrate west and then pass as White. My great grand parents told their children that they were dark because of a non existent French grandfather. Light colored former slaves also managed to cross the ethnic line. Some of these stories have been dramatized. So some people are making the “white” box when they have that “drop of African American blood”.

One of my ancestors had an unusual last name and the genealogy of this name has been traced to England. The second and third sons traveled to the British colonies. One fellow spread his genes in the Caribbean, another in the American colonies and the third in Canada.

It is probably time to do away with the racial classification of “white” .


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