Captain of the Ship & BP management

The Captains of ships have an important command position and there is an established chain of command.

In the US Captains of ships have Captain’s licenses, and there are several levels of captain’s licenses, depending on the tonnage of the vessel.

In essence the drilling platform was a ship — one that may not look like a traditional ship, but none the less the individuals on the bridge were most likely held captain’s licenses. Engines and GPS electronics were used to keep the drilling vessel over the drill site. Yet apparently the critical job of captain was in fact held by BP executives.

The Wall Street Journal has a two part series based on testimony of the survivors of this massive disaster to a Coast Guard investigation into the sinking of the oil rig.

There Was ‘Nobody in Charge’

After the Blast, Horizon Was Hobbled by a Complex Chain of Command; A 23-Year-Old Steps In to Radio a Mayday

In the minutes after a cascade of gas explosions crippled the Deepwater Horizon on April 20, confusion reigned on the drilling platform. Flames were spreading rapidly, power was out, and terrified workers were leaping into the dark, oil-coated sea. Capt. Curt Kuchta, the vessel’s commander, huddled on the bridge with about 10 other managers and crew members.

Andrea Fleytas, a 23-year-old worker who helped operate the rig’s sophisticated navigation machinery, suddenly noticed a glaring oversight: No one had issued a distress signal to the outside world, she recalls in an interview. Ms. Fleytas grabbed the radio and began calling over a signal monitored by the Coast Guard and other vessels.

The ship’s commander didn’t have the wits to send out a “mayday” call, which should have been his first instinct. That’s because he wasn’t in charge — he was supposed to go through a chain of command — the commander wasn’t in “command”.

Why haven’t the BP executives been charged with murder? Or even operating a vessel without a Captain’s license?

Why is BP  allowed to walk on on these murders and other crimes — while mere humans (non corporation humans) are sitting in jail today for much lessor crimes?

Andrea Fleytas was chastised by the “commander” for sending out the mayday call to the Coast Guard — I wonder when the “commander” would decide that the Coast Guard should be alerted? Perhaps after his BP bosses called in the PR folks to decide the best cover their asses words to describe one of the major F**k ups of the Century?

Edward John Smith  — Captain of the Titanic

Capt. Curt Kuchta – Captain of the Deepwater Horizon

Both captains have a lot in common — like a major case of DENIAL.


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  1. Captain Kuchtta is either totally incompetent or a liar. It was disgusting to hear him say most of the time in response to questions from the commission, “I do not recall.” What was he aware of as captain of the vessel.
    His attorney and Kuchta seemed to be enjoying frustrating the questioners.
    Philip H. Schoenherr

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