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TSA – gross abuse of authority

Tsa GROSS abuse of authority


New Mother Harassed and Threatened by TSA because she requests alternate screening for her breast milk. As a repeat traveler, the TSA singled her out to make an example out of her. She spends over an hour in the “Special Inspection” area and is forced to miss her flight.





Pasted from http://www.spokesman.com/blogs/hbo/2010/nov/24/gate-rape/

Here’s a peek into the future — thanks to youtube




EPIC Releases Analysis on TSA Body Scanner Program – “Deployment and contracting for body scanners should be suspended”: EPIC is making available to the public today the report EPIC prepared in January 2010, following the release of documents from the DHS in an open government lawsuit. The analysis, based on the internal records obtained from the agency, reveals that the “device specifications, set out by the TSA, include the ability to store, record, and transfer images, contrary to the representations made by the TSA…include hard disk storage, USB integration, and Ethernet connectivity that raise significant privacy and security concerns…include “super user” (“Level Z”) status that allows the TSA itself to disable filters and to export raw images…” The EPIC memo states “Based on the materials received to date, EPIC concludes that further deployment and contracting for body scanners should be suspended until the privacy and security problems identified are adequately resolved.” The documents were obtained in EPIC v. DHS (FOIA) EPIC has since filed papers in federal court to suspend the program. See EPIC v. DHS (body scanners). (Nov. 22, 2010)

Pasted from http://epic.org/privacy/airtravel/backscatter/


The question is — do TSA with sub-adolescent mentality view the public molestation of women on government made videos while masturbating?


Air passengers have a 100% chance of being terrorized by the TSA. I’d say that the evil male Muslim terrorists have won.




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