TSA Gate Rape


The link above is to personal accounts of sexual molestation of airline passengers by the TSA —  known as Gate Rape. Who the hell is “training” these TSA jackasses?

A thumb up a woman’s vagina through the woman’s jeans. Prison guards reportedly can get away with raping prisoners (body cavity searches) — but apparently if you pay money for an airline ticket — then you are giving permission to be raped?

Apparently if a woman is wearing a pad during her monthly period — THIS will alert the sexual molestation crew to probe another victim  because the perverts can’t see the woman’s “most intimate lips”. As critics have been warning what the TSA perverts are seeing on the scans are good enough to see crabs on the short hairs. The PR images of the scans only shows a female’s “mound” and not extreme details of her genitalia.  Now it seems that the perverts want to see lips — you know — down there! How long before passengers are asked to jump up on a table, and spread their legs for the TSA perverts? Where does it stop?

Next invention — a raping robot. If a robot sticks probes into passenger’s orifices — is this considered rape? Shall we takes bets that some company is currently inventing a robotic “security device” to screen passengers and is already making campaign donations so that this new toy can by delivered to airports by the next election cycle?

Fliers have a 100% chance of being terrorized by the TSA. Yep those nasty male chauvinists Muslim are winning.

Simply, I was sexually assaulted. My breasts were caressed in an almost amorous manner. And on the second canvassing of my groin, single-finger pressure was applied to my labia majora – the plane of which was near-broken, during which the agent made a wildly off-color remark.
– B. from Maryland

My genitals were touched no less than 4 times with the index finger as the screener’s hand was slid up my leg until it could go no more into my crotch.
– Marlene, California

TSA has no time to train Gestapo gate rapists





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