Security theater

Security theater refers to security measures that make people feel more secure without doing anything to actually improve their security. An example: the photo ID checks that have sprung up in office buildings. No-one has ever explained why verifying that someone has a photo ID provides any actual security, but it looks like security to have a uniformed guard-for-hire looking at ID cards. Airport-security examples include the National Guard troops stationed at US airports in the months after 9/11 — their guns had no bullets. The US colour-coded system of threat levels, the pervasive harassment of photographers, and the metal detectors that are increasingly common in hotels and office buildings since the Mumbai terrorist attacks, are additional examples.


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On one hand we the taxpayer have/are paying millions and millions of our tax money for x-ray porno “full body” scanners. So our money is being used by at least one company who calls their scanner a “Rapiscan” . These porno scanners make such detailed images that the perverts watching naked people are tagging women for using “pads”. Apparently if the TSA perverts can’t see “lips” when women stand with their legs WIDE — the offending women are then forced to undergo a semi body cavity check. There are numerous complaints of TSA fingers probing women’s genitals.

Of course the invasive fingerings and x-ray porno scans are defended by the Submissives who feel the need to be sexually dominated. Normal people on the other hand know porn when we see porn in public when women are being fingers and men have their genitals manipulated — in public — in front of Children. Oh least we forget — a few children have been subjected to the new touchie feelie TSA.

This is ALL Security theater.  All of this crap is being done for show.

Any day we are going to hear about the lawyer who gets the rapist off because the rapist was only giving the woman a “security check”.

What happens when the laws against sexual harassment and sexual molestation and rape collide with Government sponsored and approved rape? If men, women or children refused the Government sponsored rape — the TSA claims that we can be fined $10,000.

Personally I would rather fly with passengers who carry pocket knives — because it will be my fellow passengers who spot the strange looking guy trying to light his foot on fire or the crazy guy with the crotch bomb. Any new trick the terrorist think up — will be spotted as aberrant behavior by alert passengers.

Next trick for the TSA —  women on their periods will NOT be allowed to fly — unless in lead lined caskets in the cargo hole. Tampons and pads are weapons of mass destruction.

For those of us who work/worked/lived/grew up on secure military bases — we see the TSA as kabuki theater.

Me — I drive. I don’t need the anticipation of being raped/molested or additional x-rays on my face and body. Watching the rape of others is almost more painful than the post trauma caused by perverts with blue gloved hands.

Speaking of blue gloves — what about individuals who are allergic to latex??? Death due to latex reaction — will make the submissives feel so very safe.






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