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Traffic deaths 2009

year       2009 33,808  traffic deaths

source: Wikipedia

What seems apparent — cause and effect — is that millions of US tax payer money has been spent on porno- cancer- xray scanners used in many US Airports. The threat is — flyers accept invasive finger poking or nude images in x-ray devices. These nude/naked images we now know CAN easily be save for fun and games by the TSA perverts.  So the TSA has already been caught lying (surprise, surprise).  Oh that’s right — the TSA is the Government so they get to lie.

Manufacturers’ safety claims are always questionable — remember the Tobacco execs? So when the TSA and other lobbyists make claims about the safety of the newest toys — let’s wait until some real scientists examine real working machines — perhaps the ones that may have been tweaked by perverts for a clearer view of boobs and other private areas.

We are also told to FLY rather than drive because it is safer — but now we learn that the porno cancer x-ray scanners can be harmful to our health. Young children are at risk (forgetting that there are laws against pedophilia – what the hell — laws are made to be ignored by the Government ).

So those of us who opt out of porno scans and fingers probing of our privates by gestapo wearing latex gloves — the question is are we safer driving?


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