More security Theater

Sexual assault — Look what the TSA Mofu are getting away with.

I am terrorized when I see the photos at the above link. How many of the TSA imbecilic jerks are “pleasuring” themselves while watching the video feed — and let’s not forget the live floor shows.

Bottom line the terrorists have won.



The only people who could possibly be pleased with the sexual molestation are the freaks who enjoy BSDM and Kinky sex clubs — where sexual touching and torture is common.

Those photos are sick, degrading and show just how low the USA has sunk under the current elected politician (regardless of party). So sad — so very sad to see porn like this in airports.

What is even sicker is that all the these people being sexually molested in the photos on the website linked above — PAID — paid money for airline tickets — and for that they are treated like criminals. THIS is how people are treated when they are jailed. Of course the jailers also strip and do cavity checks etc. Only in Orwell’s America do people pay to be molested by their government.


There is no proof that the porno scanners are “safe” — NO testing has been done and there is no required testing of the machines once the TSA burger flipper rejects start using the machines.

Since the TSA can claim their new toys are “safe” with nothing to back up that claim — not much this government says is truthful anyway.




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