Discrimination against cancer survivors by TSA

TSA insists on inspecting mastectomy scars before woman is allowed to fly — she declines and takes ferry from Seattle to Alaska.

Short version of the story.

An woman from Alaska was in Seattle for medical treatment — a mastectomy. She submitted to the porno scan but was then required to undergo an inspection of her breasts.

She refused an invasive “inspection” which would require her to show the prosthetic device.

Scannell, in her statement, said Cissna was ordered to submit to a “very intrusive pat-down or leave the airport.” She said Cissna, who had been in Seattle for medical treatment, was scheduled to return to Alaska via ferry.

Is this country fricking out of its mind — does strip searching a cancer survivor make us safe? The nazi idiot reign of the TSA continues and the wimps and idiots of the world feel safer.

I do not care what political party the Alaska politician belongs to — but trying to force cancer survivors to a public exposure is stupid.


O.K. so now we know — we are all considered terrorists — EVERYONE. Even 94 year frail old women are treated exactly the same.

What’s amazing is that the sheep continue to put up with this crap.



One East Coast news source has commented on the TSA demand to show all or let some untrained idiot play doctor or the passenger couldn’t fly. What is always interesting are the sheepols (males) who feel the need to tell everyone how “safe” they feel that women are being aggressively sexually molested by the TSA/Gestapo .

As many of my friends who are no longer flying tell me — let passengers keep their pocket knives so that we the passengers can defend against the shoe bomber and crotch bomber want to bes. Both of these vile psychotic nuts failed BECAUSE of alert passengers and flight crew. We the citizens will continue to be the first line of defense — just as our ancestors were the first line of defense against the Red Coats a.k.a. the British Army during the war of Independence.


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