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The cost of gas

Unless you live under a rock (or in NYC) you will have noticed that it costs a whole lot of money for a tank of fuel.

Most folks in NYC haven’t noticed because way back a century or two ago the politicians in NYC didn’t want change. In fact these old guys were ahead of the time — public transportation.

Fuel prices are very sensitive to manipulation. Apparently it isn’t hard to stock pile oil and then flood the market with oil. My bet is that somewhere — some people are playing the hold and then release game. Just like the hold release game  played in 2008.

Wouldn’t it be wise to create fuel/oil price oversight board (or use laws already on the books). Senator Clinton warned that individuals were planning to stock pile oil in order to manipulate oil prices. She recognized a few years ago that it would be easy for a small group working together to manipulate oil prices. She wasn’t the first, nor will she be the last person to warn about the threats to National Security via futures trading and other semi legal dirty dealings.

Anyway not so long ago we had a smart and wise woman running for the office of President of the USA. Voters wanted her — but the democrat leadership told the voters to go to hell. The Dem party got their man and he is proving himself to be a useless show horse. Away from his teleprompter he doesn’t know what year this is. On a European trip he signed and dated a guest book with the year 2008. Clinton warned us and then she went to work for the bastard 0bowma.

Back to the cost of fuel/oil. Seems like the US is going after oil speculators — of the 2008 fiasco. Hey fellas what about the 2011 sky rocketing fuel prices?? Nearly every aspect of our lives are dependent on oil. When the cost of gasoline and diesel fuel is over $4.00 per gallon, and the oil corporations are raking in massive profits — something smells really rotten. Fuel prices are dropping — but not nearly as fast as they shot over the $4 mark.

Here’s another guess — the US Attorney General doesn’t see a problem with the raising fuel prices. Then 0bowma will be needing a Billion or so for his next campaign. Meanwhile the GOP — all they can field are jokes. Ryan of kill Medicare fame. Mitt Romney — blowing in the wind on any issue mentioned. Newt of too many wives and mistresses fame.

Meanwhile we the people (especially west of NYC) are trying to pay for gas. Do any of the parties WORK for we the people? Just asking.



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