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Cats and hidden dark places

If you don’t have a cat or have never had a cat you won’t get the humor of this YouTube star called Simon:



My cat goes with us on road trips and he knows all about motels. We go to pet friendly establishment only.

In one chain which I won’t name — because they are among the best pet friendly chains in the nation — but this story might not make the chain look appealing.

My cat always checks under every bed and whatever he can reach his paw into — as soon as he sets his paws into the new room. The maids are generally good at getting the bigger things from under the beds. However, my cat has found: hair clips, pills, pieces of candy, and so forth. That is until his biggest “find” in New Mexico. One of those sticky pads used to catch mice and other nasty things. He managed to scoot under the bed and get two feet stuck to the sticky pad. He rushed to me to “save” him from the trap. Anyway — we freed him from the sticky pad (holding one small mouse and one large cockroach).

No he didn’t learn his lesson, he still has to do a paws on search of every room he visits.

This is how Simon deals with treasures:





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