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Strange week – last week of June 2011

This has been a strange week for news

The GOP seems content to continue their war on women. Besides the fact that the GOP front runner is an anti-feminist female. Which means she is one of the many female minions for the GOP. Anyway this female who shall remain nameless rarely has her mouth and brain engaged.

Then one of the MSMedia opened his mouth and inserted his foot — calling the current resident of the white house “some kind of dick”. Heck I’m not sure why that is an insult — the Dems wanted a penis in the white house — they got their penis and dick is another name for penis — so what’s the big deal for a news guy by the name of Mark Halperin, telling the truth? (Slang dictionary defines “dick” as male genitals or an abusive male or nick name for Richard. Another online slang dictionary defines “dick” as a jerk or ass*.) So a news guy tells the truth — and he gets put on suspension. Strange week.

Then in another story which I ignored but SkyDancer did cover this story. A woman was arrested for spraying cops with breast milk. Dumb me — I thought she squirted a bottle of milk on the wimp cops.  But no she pulled out her boob and aimed and pulled the trigger. Weapons of mass destruction — for sure! Strange week.

This may be the calm before the storm. I’m not sure since I’ve been hearing this for a long time. There is a book called the Population Bomb — and the author has been warning that there are too many humans. Years ago when Earth Day started one of the Universities had a series of displays about the sort of future we had in store if the population continued to increase. Back then the patriarchy was firmly in control so there were no displays of the future if women had an equal voice in what might happen. Anyway the central question was what the world would be like and how could the world support billions and billions of people. Doom and Gloom — the world can not support unrestrained increase of the human species. Research has shown that when girls and women are educated they find a way to have fewer children and the population stabilizes to sustainable levels.

So today my email inbox had an oh so cheery doom and gloom message about the coming of unrestrained inflation. Greece will be but the first of many whose population has reached a tipping point and have hit the streets over forced Governmental austerity programs. Seems like the Government of Greece plans to sell of assets to pay of debts. If it is like the sell off of assets of other countries — then these assets (owned by the people) will be sold for pennies on the dollar. The blog Blue Lyon (blog role on right) has some added information, as does the blog Sky Dancing.

Anyway this doom and gloom email suggested that we need to all have at least three months of food stocked up in our pantry and have our own well and not live in the cities. Humm this seems to go against the bad things that the now President Mr. dick 0bowma said about anyone who lived in rural areas?? So to be safe, people need to make their homes secure and have a secure source of water, and perhaps invest in solar and wind generation. If that happens then at least three industries will see a huge increase in jobs — home security, food storage and off grid power generation. So part of the job creation problem might be solved. Now why didn’t Mr. dick 0bowma think of that himself? Strange week.

Then Kansas — it is embarrassing to admit that my maternal ancestors came from Kansas. Note the use of the word CAME — which means they left Kansas. Only the fools stayed behind — it would seem. Anyway perhaps on Friday there will be only one place in the entire state of nothingness called Kansas when women can get an abortion or decent health care. I guess women will get health care in some sort of unisex way — all bodies treated as if they were male?? What we do know that back street abortions will become the norm. When poor women are faced with feeding and caring for their children or adding one more child — they will find a way to abort. This has how it has been since ancient times. Thanks to the Dems and the GOP — women are being forced back through the time traveling tunnel of misogyny and witch hunting. When will women reach a tipping point — when will they over throw the patriarchy? Probably never — there are too many female minions of the Patriarchy out there making sure women stay in their place and worship the mighty penis. Oh dick head in the white house. Strange damned week.

Good news — gays in New York can get married. Finally. The world did not end. So for some it was a wonderful week.




(A minion is a follower devoted to serving his master relentlessly. Definition from Wikipedia.)


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