medical marijuana new target of Feds

0bowma just declared open season on medical marijuana. That is so wrong on so many levels.

What can be expected of an idiot dick who doesn’t like dogs and never had a dog (his kid’s dog doesn’t count).

Will we be seeing cancer patients who depend on medical marijuana suffering due to the re-election efforts of 0bowma? Only time will tell.

I had a front line seat once and watched the “brave” fuzz raid a “drug shop”. I was across the street at a farm store and watched has rambo want to be cops dressed in black pile out of several vehicles. It seems that the house next to the popular bar was selling drugs. The huge over dressed and over armed cops brought out two tiny women and a couple of bags filled with whatever. According to local gossip the two women were interfering with the real business at the bar — so someone close to the owners of the bar complained to his best buddy who happened to be part of law enforcement.

Wouldn’t it be better to legalize drugs — so that they could be TAXED? Money coming into the local and state would be far more logical than tax money being spent on headline grabbing “drug raids” which seem to hit the wrong homes far too often. Money coming into the states rather than going to keep small time drug offenders behind bars — seems far too logical for dim witted politicians.

I’m a neutral party — since I never tried drugs and the only time I had a doctor prescribed pain killer for an abscessed tooth I got very ill. I’m allergic to all smoke. However I do pay taxes and I’d like to see anyone who willingly uses drugs to pay TAXES on their sins — just like smokers pay taxes.

It’s doubtful that logic will ever invade the political fog of stupidity.


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